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Broken Black Ops Cold War attachment lets you see through walls

Published: 5/Feb/2021 17:38

by Jacob Hale


One of the weapon attachments in Black Ops Cold War has been discovered to have secret powers, letting players see through walls and doors.

With the vast array of attachments in Call of Duty titles these days, it’s surprising that we don’t see more issues crop up with them, but it does give players a lot more versatility when building their favored loadouts.

While many meta weapon builds look pretty similar, sometimes there’s a bit of variation — and with a bit of testing, one player has realized how broken a Body attachment is in the game.

This particular bug seems to be affecting one certain attachment that you might not even be using — but you could change your mind after seeing this.


black ops cold war express map
The bug was discovered on Express, but could possibly extend to other maps too…

As shown by AvHsA on Reddit, you can literally use one of the Body attachments in BOCW to see through walls.

While this issue was discovered on new remastered map Express, where the bug seems to thrive, it’s possible it extends onto other maps too.

The attachment in question is the Tiger Team Spotlight, and as you can see from the clip below, it can easily pick up enemy name tags through walls. This will help you wipe them out while safe and secure, leaving enemies utterly perplexed and defenseless.

(Major Bug) Tiger Team Spotlight lets you see through the doors and walls of the train on express from r/blackopscoldwar

So far, we’re not seeing much evidence of this across the other Cold War maps, but it’s well worth testing out.


If this is discovered to be possible on other maps, too, especially in areas with thin walls or doors that can be wallbanged, this could become a serious issue.

So, next time you think someone is using wallhacks on you, think again: they might just be using the Tiger Team Spotlight!