Warzone community calls for two major map POIs to be swapped on Caldera

warzone capital POI with Warzone logo on topActivision

Warzone pros and casual players alike are calling for two major Caldera Points of Interest (POIs) to be swapped around to better improve the map.

Caldera has definitely been a divisive new addition to Warzone. While some players love it, many also miss Verdansk and want to see the old map come back into play.

While there’s no telling if or when Verdansk will ever be back, that doesn’t stop players from wishing to see their old battlegrounds return, even with map changes confirmed to be coming to Caldera in Season 2.

Several players have stated that they believe swapping two major POIs around on the map could be just the change Caldera needs — and it looks like it could work, too.

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Warzone POI PeakActivision
Peak is a popular drop in Warzone, but some players want it moved.

Anybody who has dropped into Caldera even just a few times will know all about Peak — It’s bang in the middle of the map, literally set atop a huge mountain, and is the best drop if you’re looking for engagements off the rip.

Some players don’t like it, though, as its central location often means having to rotate around or through it, making for some frustrating play.

That’s why players have been arguing that it should be swapped with the southern POI Capital. This image from ARES_GOD shows what it would look like, and people are liking the look of it.

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Casual players aren’t the only ones who would like to see this change happen, though.

On January 26, Warzone pro and streamer Hector ‘Repullze’ Torres tweeted at developers Raven Software, asking “How much to swap peak for capital?”

It seems unlikely that Raven would make such a fundamental design change to their map, but it’s certainly not impossible and, if enough players start demanding it, you never know what could happen.