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Warzone clip shows off sneaky Rebirth Island parkour spot to counter campers

Published: 12/Aug/2021 20:52

by Jaret Kappelman


One of Warzone’s most popular game modes is Rebirth Resurgence since it allows for multiple respawns. Dropping in can be a bit annoying if teams are already set up but a video shows off a new way to attack roof campers.

Early on in Rebirth Island, players that are taken down have a chance to redeploy if their squad can stay alive until the timer hits zero seconds. This will last until around the third or fourth circle then the only way to respawn is for teammates to buy a squad member back.

This game mode allows the more casual player base to enjoy a game of Warzone and still have multiple chances to get a victory.


However, plays can get stuck in a loop of redeploying and dying over and over due to campers. This new trick will show you how to take down roof campers on Chemical Engineering.

Rebirth Island can get a little tricky if teams are already set up where you and your squad want to redeploy.

Warzone Rebirth Resurgence tips and tricks

If you have ever played a game of Rebirth Resurgence you have definitely run into roof campers. More specifically ones that love to sit on top of Chemical.

Redditor, ‘RealGsusDude’ shows off how to take an alternative sneaky path to get onto the roof so you don’t need to climb up the ladder.

Parkouring Rebirth Island #2 from CODWarzone

As seen in this video, you no longer need to slowly climb the ladder to your death. All you need is a tiny bit of coordination.


Players start by jumping onto the railing on the 3rd floor of Chemical Engineering and then TAC Sprint onto the edge of the roof. If done correctly players will mantle up and get onto the roof.

What makes this trick cool is that players can do this from both sides of the roof. Squads can sync up and time it together to shock these “roof rats” and regain control of the game.