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Warzone change could stop players from dominating with vehicles

Published: 5/May/2020 18:36

by Andy Williams


This Call of Duty: Warzone concept could be the perfect solution to vehicles in Verdansk and quite literally stop players from being in the driver’s seat.

Warzone has experienced a plethora of meta changes throughout its short tenure in the battle royale realm. From rooftop campers to vehicles being classed as “overpowered” and dominating the game.

That being said, after a series of balancing changes, there are some relatively easy ways to counter the latter — just carry an RPG or C4 and you’re golden!

Player destroying vehicle in Warzone.
There are plenty of easy ways to get out of a tight situation if you’re being hunted down by an enemy vehicle.

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Although vehicles are relatively easy to counter these days, they still dominate the roads (and sky) of Verdansk. And that’s why one player has come up with an ingenious way of preventing teams being so reliant on vehicles.


Vehicle Fuel in Warzone?

Reddit user ‘darth_scion’ suggested that vehicles should come with their own dedicated fuel reserve to prevent players from driving/flying around for the duration of the game.

“I’ve thought since the beginning that vehicles should have a certain amount of fuel in them,” they explained. “I feel like that would prevent people from driving the vehicles back and forth around the entire map [for] the whole game, or flying around until the final circle/in the final circle.”

Two vehicles side-by-side in Warzone.
Call of Duty: Warzone or Need for Speed?

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While the Redditor later added that they wouldn’t know how this would be implemented, the concept itself is underlined by sound logic — on paper, at least.


Should Infinity Ward choose to add the requirement for fuel, it would open an entirely different meta in Warzone. For example, players would be able to salvage fuel reserves from other vehicles.

Equipping the Scavenger perk in your Custom Loadout might allow you to carry more fuel for your vehicle than those without it (adding a bit of extra competition for that Perk 1 slot).

Warzone player standing on top of helicopter.
Warzone would be changed from ‘king of the vehicles’ and more ‘survival of the fittest.’

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Another user added that vehicles could be made even more realistic, by incorporating “shootable tires” and preventing players from exiting vehicles while sustaining damage, similar to rival battle royale, PUBG.

With a plethora of changes supposedly coming in the near future (such as new game modes and a whole new area), it’s highly unlikely that a concept like this will materialize any time soon.