Warzone 2 RPK blueprint bug makes LMG even more OP

RPK in Warzone 2 being held in character's handsActivision

Warzone 2 players have found a way to make a popular RPK blueprint even more OP in the battle royale, and it just takes one simple change to the build. 

Every battle royale game has followed in the footsteps of Fortnite at this point, releasing a laundry list of skins, bundles, and everything else you can think of for players to purchase. 

Warzone 2 has also been right on that, but when it comes to weapon blueprints – the pre-built guns that can come with tracer bullets – there have been some headaches. Over the last few years with the original Warzone, there have been a number of apparent “pay to win” blueprints that give players an advantage where they’re not supposed to. 

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They haven’t appeared in Warzone 2 as often as they did in the original Warzone, but there is one RPK setup that is drawing some attention for being slightly too overpowered. 

Warzone 2 RPK Eminence blueprint sparks “pay to win” debate

It was pointed out by Redditor Neqzify, who suggested that the Eminence blueprint from the Purple Jolt tracer pack might be “pay to win” because players can tweak the build in a certain way and not suffer any consequences. 

That tweak is to remove one of the attachments and run a 30-round magazine. A glitch prompts this magazine to become “invisible” and actually allows the RPK to shoot with an 80-round magazine, but keeps the “speed benefits” of the smaller mag. 

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“Guess its like the bug like the one battle pass MAC-10 SMG blueprint that gave a damage boost iirc,” said one player, referring to the infamous Galantary blueprint. 

Other players claimed the issue isn’t pay-to-win because it’s not intentional and is merely an “oversight” that requires a fix. 

Despite the bug giving the RPK a bit of a buff, some players have still got it behind the M4 and KV Broadside when it comes to the ever slightly too OP weapons. Though, you never know what the next round of weapon balancing has in store.