Former Call of Duty pro slams Modern Warfare 2’s “backward” Ranked Play system

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Former Call of Duty pro player TeeP has raised some big complaints over Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked Play system structure.

Tyler ‘TeeP’ Polchow is a former Call of Duty World Champion and is currently one of the best Warzone players in the world. He collected multiple trophies over his playing career and also spent some time as the coach for OpTic Gaming in World War II and Black Ops 4.

After reading the behind-the-scenes breakdown of how Modern Warfare 2’s Ranked playlist works, he wasn’t happy about how it awards lopsided Skill Ranking depending on a number that is hidden from the public’s view, calling the system “a**-backward” as a whole.

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TeeP criticizes Modern Warfare 2 Ranked

Polchow slammed the Ranked Play infrastructure for how it weighs players’ individual skill levels.

While the categories of Bronze, Silver, Gold, and so on look like skill divisions on the surface, the game’s real talent designation is done by Hidden Performance Rating – a number that, as its name suggests, isn’t viewable to the player.

This number works separately from Skill Rating, which is simply the number that determines where a player sits in the Ranked Ladder. In simple terms: HPR is what the game uses to determine how good a player is, while SR simply rates how many wins and losses they’ve collected along the way.

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This is important because HPR also determines how much SR a player will collect or lose from a match.

A Diamond player with a high HPR could earn fewer points than a Crimson player with a lower HPR, despite the fact that the Diamond player could be hundreds of Skill Ratings lower than the other person.

TeeP believes this is a significant mistake, as it means that good players will eventually meet a wall that’s impossible to get past.

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“So basically, I play, I play, I play, and then once I run into pros, my HPR comes to a halt, and I get f*cked because of it.”

After finishing a fully Iridescent/Top 250 game, the former pro made an astute prediction that he would collect a measly 27 SR despite being the other team by 75 points in Hardpoint.

TeeP is the odd man out, though, as other than pros having problems with cheaters, the community largely agrees that this incarnation of Ranked Play is one of the best yet.

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