Warzone 2 players outline major issue if one-shot snipers return & they’re worried

Warzone 2 sniper inspect on Zarqws Hydroelectric POIActivision

With Warzone 2 Season 3 almost upon us, the return of one-shot snipers has been heavily rumored after months of calls for them from fans. But many players are unsure about the prospect after realizing one major issue that could come from it.

Snipers have been significantly different in Warzone 2 to how they were in the original title. In the days of Verdansk and Caldera, you would often find yourself dying at the hands of a Swiss K31 or Kar98k, easily sniping you from any distance and sending you straight to the Gulag.

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This changed after players became increasingly frustrated with the dominant sniper rifle meta, and nerfs were implemented to bring them more level with the rest of the field.

In Warzone 2, however, players have frequently called for changes to sniping, with even headshots unable to take down players at times, requesting that they’re made more powerful in Al Mazrah and Ashika Island.

With rumors abound that the devs will be answering players’ prayers, though, there’s a significant player who believe one problem in Warzone 2 will get a lot worse with one-shot snipers: Buy Station campers.

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Buy Station camping to get even worse?

In Al Mazrah, Buy Station campers have been far worse than they ever were in both Verdansk and Caldera. Making a play for a buy station is almost always incredibly risky business, as players sit in nearby windows waiting for players to come to them. This is compounded especially by the fact that the number of buy stations in Al Mazrah is significantly lower than in previous maps.

In the clip above, the player k-y-z-o managed to get away after being sniped at the Buy Station.

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However, if the player was able to one-shot, or was using an assault rifle, for example, this would likely have been the end of k-y-z-o’s run.

Others argued that with the movement system the way it currently is, one-shot snipers will be even harder to come up against, as you can’t slip, slide, and finesse like you could in Warzone 1.

With rumors that movement changes could be coming, though, that may not be an issue any longer.

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