Warzone 2 players claim Intervention will just be “useless” nostalgia in Season 3

Intervention on Al Mazrah map in Warzone 2Activision

Warzone 2 players are concerned that the Intervention will be “useless” when it arrives in Season 3, despite all the nostalgia the sniper will bring.

Over the years, as the Modern Warfare franchise has softly been rebooted by Infinity Ward, fans have been demanding a whole host of weapons, maps, and features return in the newer titles. 

A few of them have made it in, like Shipment getting a slight twist, but there are still plenty of things fans have on their wishlists for future seasons. 

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One of the most iconic weapons from the 2009 installment of Modern Warfare 2 – the Intervention – will be making a return in Season 3 under the new name of the FJX Imperium. While plenty of fans are excited, especially given the nostalgia around the sniper rifle, some are concerned that it could be “useless.” 

Warzone 2 players concerned Intervention will be “useless” in season 3

After the sniper’s return was announced on April 3, a number of fans started discussing it across social media and weighed in on how it’ll fit into the current meta of Warzone 2

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“I don’t get why people are so hyped it won’t play anything like it did in mw2, it’ll only look similar,” said one fan. “Don’t get excited, it’ll still be a 2-shot down,” added another. “Playing to people’s nostalgia is way easier than fixing their braindead broken game,” another commented. 

Some fans joked that the sniper would simply be the “Intervention from Wish,” referring to it being a cheaper version of the original that players knew and loved. 

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A number harped on the fact that it is simply targeting the nostalgia factor, rather than creating something new and fresh. “YES! A reskin of the other snipers for pure nostalgia value!” added another. 

There have been some rumors that the TTK around snipers will be changed in future seasons, making them more powerful than they currently are.

It remains to be seen if that’ll be the case, and if that would help the new Intervention combat the worries that it is just being a tribute act.

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