Warzone 2 guru unveils AR with “lethal” TTK that no one uses

Kastov-74u Warzone 2 ARActivison

Warzone 2 expert WhosImmortal has revealed a top-tier loadout for a “lethal” AR that’s being ignored by the community despite having a “fantastic TTK”.

Season 2 Reloaded has arrived in Warzone 2 and alongside a huge amount of balance changes, the patch added the Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle to the weapon pool.

As you would expect, the update has shaken up the meta and has given players the chance to experiment with less popular weapons.

While it can be fun testing out a bunch of guns until you find a hidden gem, sometimes it’s better to let an expert do the thinking for you.

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Luckily, Warzone 2 YouTuber WhosImmortal has identified an underrated AR that’s being slept on by the community, despite being “lethal” at close quarters.

Kastov74u Warzone 2Activison
The Kastov-74u deals deadly damage at medium range.

Best Kastov-74u loadout in Warzone 2


  • Barrel: BR209 Barrel
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Stock: Markeev R7 Stock
  • Rear Grip: Demo-X2 Grip
  • Magazine: 45-Round Mag

Unlike a lot of ARs and SMGs, the Kastov-74u didn’t receive any changes in Season 2 Reloaded, so it’s maintained its power while other weapons have dropped down the tier list.

For WhosImmortal, the gun’s lethality at close quarters and “fantastic TTK” mean it’s incredibly unique in the AR category and can contest a lot of the meta SMGs.

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Not only that, it’s a brilliant sniper support as it has a stronger damage range than other picks like the Fennec 45 and Lachmann Sub.

This versatility could make it the perfect choice for Ashika Island, so if you’re a fan of the fast-paced map, it may be with testing out the Kastov-74u.

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WhosImmortal’s loadout aims to push the AR’s damage to the limit, while also keeping its ADS time low so you can snap onto opponents and always get the first shot off.

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With a 0.8% pick rate according to WZRanked, the Kastov-74u has been forgotten by the community and could be the underrated weapon to take your kill count to new highs.

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