Warzone 2 guru reveals hidden tips that will “save your life”

Kurt Perry
Warzone 2 content creator IceManIsaac recording vlog on gameplay changes.

Warzone 2 expert and content creator IceManIsaac has detailed fourteen hidden changes and tips added throughout various updates that he thinks could save your life.

Since its launch in November 2022, Warzone 2 has received several major updates introducing a variety of content and gameplay tweaks.

Most of these changes are listed on the official patch notes or communicated in a developer blog. However, some do slip through and in those cases, it’s up to the community to figure things out.

When it comes to knowing the ins and outs of Warzone 2 few are as knowledgeable as IceManIsaac and these hidden changes he’s highlighted back that up.

IceManIsaac exposes hidden changes in Warzone 2

In his newest YouTube video posted on May 22, Warzone 2 guru IceManIsaac detailed fourteen hidden changes from lesser known tips to game-changing revelations.

Speaking on the change Isaac said: “With every Warzone update comes a litany of changes that aren’t included in the patch notes and Season 3 Reloaded is no different. I’m going to bring you fourteen secret changes that are either going to save your life or give you more information.”

Some of the changes highlighted by Isaac are game-changers that Warzone 2 players will want to take advantage of. These are the most useful hidden changes IceManIsaac outlined:

  • You can see what Perks you have equipped by looking at the symbols in the bottom right of the UI.
  • All Buy Stations now have a fixed stock of the same twelve items, with four being in limited supply.
  • The muscle memory to quickly buy back teammates at a Buy Station on a controller has changed to □, up, X (x2) on PlayStation and X, up, A (x2) on Xbox.
  • You can gain more height from zip lines by waiting to parachute for a few seconds after launching off them.
  • Crouching or proning after triggering a Proximity Mine greatly reduces the damage taken from it.
  • Interrogation is much faster now and can be used to quickly gain intel from downed enemies.
  • A breath indicator appears when underwater but you don’t die straightaway when it runs out.

Stealth changes in both Warzone 2 and MW2 are not rare. There are likely to be more hidden tricks and tips in the future that could easily be the difference between you winning or losing a game.

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