Warzone 2 expert reveals easy trick to level up weapons in Plunder

two soldiers transporting bag of cash in plunder warzone 2Activision

Season 3 added Plunder back to Warzone 2, providing a perfect stomping ground for leveling up weapons.

Plunder is finally back in Warzone 2. The fan-favorite game mode turns the traditional battle royale formula on its head.

Plunder tasks squads with gathering as much in-game cash as possible, only winning when they become the first team to collect $1 million. In Warzone 2, cash can be earned by eliminating enemies, completing contracts, partaking in events, or clearing out Strongholds and Blacksites.

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The game mode suits a more casual playstyle, as teams can technically win without ever needing to engage in a gunfight. In WZ1 some players queued in to level up weapons quickly, and the LA Guerillas argued it’s just as effective in the battle royale sequel.

How to level up weapons fast in Warzone 2 Plunder

The LA Guerillas claimed that players are wasting their time leveling up weapons. In a TikTok, they recommended using Plunder to reach high levels quicker.

First, players should start a Safecracker contract. After opening the first two safes, players must equip the weapon they want to level up for XP. One Safecracker contract is equivalent to 3200 XP or about 3 levels.

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The LA Guerillas claimed that a solo player can complete up to four Safecracker contracts in one match, earning 12 or 24 weapon levels if they are using a double weapon XP token. Fortuntaley, Plunder isn’t typically as challenging as the standard battle royale experience, which the LA Guerillas pointed out.

“The best part is you have unlimited lives, and it is super chill.”

Finally, after completing all of the Safecracker contracts, players can earn extra XP by buying armor plates. Every 100,000$ spent on plates is one extra level. The TikToker claimed that players will have around $500,000 if they follow the strategy correctly.

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If you are struggling to level up weapons in Modern Warfare 2 or Warzone 2, give this method a spin.

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