Underused Warzone field upgrade gets huge buff in MW3 integration

Kurt Perry
Warzonee squad swimming on new map, Urzikstan.Activision

During a developer meeting with content creators, Warzone developers revealed various information ahead of the Modern Warfare 3 integration, including the confirmation that the Portable Radar is getting a massive buff.

The Warzone meta is primarily defined by loadouts, more specifically weapons, and perks. These are the tools that enable playstyles and let each player shine in their own way.

However, Field Upgrades can be just as impactful and even more important in the right situation. A well-timed Dead Silence to flank quietly or a Trophy System to protect a vehicle can be incredibly valuable.

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The Field Upgrade meta wasn’t overly diverse in Warzone previously, but upcoming changes to an underused option could see that change in Season 1.

Portable Radar is getting a glow-up in Warzone Season 1

The Warzone Season 1 integration of Modern Warfare 3 will see the Portable Radar get a sizable buff potentially even elevating it into the meta.

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This was stated in a developer call and later tweeted by Primroze who amongst other changes stated, “Portable Radar Distance is doubled to 76M,” confirming that the underrated Field Upgrade is set to receive a huge buff.

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To provide some context on what 76 meters means in practical terms, that’s roughly the distance from one end of Scrapyard to the other. Now imagine that but across the Portable Radar’s entire radius.

The jump from 38 meters to 76 meters is significant as the prior would only cover a section of a building at most while the latter will cover most buildings in their entirety. This should let teams lockdown areas better or scout ahead before pushing an enemy squad.

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It is worth noting that Portable Radar will still be countered by Ghost limiting its use in some scenarios. Even so, it looks like it will be a much stronger option in Warzone this time around and could even become meta.

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