Treyarch respond after Black Ops 4 Twitch streamer accused of cheating

Joe Craven

Treyarch have responded after a Black Ops 4 streamer was accused of cheating in Blackout, leading to them seemingly being banned from Twitch. 

Black Ops 4 is reaching the end of its life cycle and the majority of the CoD community is gearing up for Modern Warfare, but there is still a lively Blackout player base on console – including a select few who are cheating to gain an unfair advantage. 

There has not been a huge issue with hacking in Blackout, with Treyarch generally being considered as fairly adept at cracking down on hackers. However, one player was clearly frustrated after encountering an apparent cheater in Blackout, and vented their frustrations in the hope of getting a ban implemented. 

TreyarchBlackout is the first example of battle royale in Call of Duty.

The post on August 24, shows the user spectating ‘TTVchadattak’. ‘TTV’ is often added onto a player’s username in order to advertise their Twitch channel, with ‘TTV’ standing for “”. 

However, this particular Blackout player appears to have done nothing but advertise their own cheating. The clip, uploaded by Reddit user ‘lizardpeter’, appears to show the streamer hacking, as his aim snaps suspiciously numerous times, even through walls. 

To add to the suspicions, the player already has 17 kills. While a tally this impressive is certainly possible, it seems to have been acquired illicitly. 

The post was entitled: “TTVchadattak is blatantly hacking in Blackout on PC. Here is video proof. Everyone PLEASE REPORT and help us ban him!” In the 18 hours since it was posted, it has amassed nearly 2,000 upvotes as players strive to draw attention to it. 

It seems to have worked, with Treyarch Communications Coordinator Josh Torres replying: “Thank you for the additional tag. We’ll send this in for processing.” 


While it can’t be confirmed whether the player has been banned from Black Ops 4, their Twitch channel does appear to have been banned. It’s likely this is for the cheating incident being reported and traced back to the Twitch channel, but again, this cannot be confirmed.

The channel page currently displays the familiar Twitch message: “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.”

TwitchThe page players are met with if they try and access ‘’.

It certainly sounds like Treyarch will be clamping down on the alleged offender, in the same way it appears Twitch have. 

Black Ops 4’s player count is likely to be down for the weekend of August 23-25, given the release of Modern Warfare’s Gunfight Alpha. Despite the game being nearly a year old, it looks like some are still willing to cheat to win. 

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