How to unlock the CARV.2 Tactical Rifle in Warzone & Black Ops Cold War

carv2 unlock black ops cold war warzoneActivision

The CARV.2 Tactical Rifle (also known as G11 from the original Black Ops game) has finally arrived in Call of Duty: Warzone and Black Ops Cold War — and it’s not very difficult to secure. Here’s how players can unlock the new gun across multiplayer, Zombies, and Warzone.

The reign of burst rifles over Verdansk seemed over when the AUG and M16 got nerfed to start Season 3. But a new challenger has entered the fray in Black Ops Cold War’s midseason update: the CARV.2. 

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A bullpup, three-round burst rifle, the reimagined version of the old-school G11 fits the mold of strong ranged weapons banned in the Call of Duty League and deemed nightmarish across Warzone and multiplayer.

While it’s unclear just how powerful the CARV.2 is just yet, or if it will become part of new meta loadouts, players are eager to start experimenting and leveling it up. Here’s how you can unlock it in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War (including multiplayer and zombies).

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Unlock challenge for CARV.2 in Warzone & Cold War

In order to unlock the CARV.2, you must rapidly kill 2 or more players in 10 different completed matches while using tactical rifles.

This is a relatively simple unlock challenge and one that shouldn’t be too hard to complete, regardless of game choice, if players are smart about how they approach it.

While you can ignore all of this and simply buy a Blueprint bundle with the CARV.2 without completing any challenge, here’s how you can be most efficient at securing it otherwise.

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carv2 black ops cold war warzoneActivision / Treyarch
The unlock challenge for CARV.2 in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone.

Tips for unlocking CARV.2 in Warzone

To unlock the CARV.2 in Warzone, you’ll want to prioritize faster-paced modes like Plunder and Rebirth Island while equipping a strong Tactical Rifle with a fast TTK.

  • Create an M16 loadout with a fast TTK.
  • If solo: drop into Plunder (no fill for faster respawns) and look to secure M16 kills in active areas.
  • If group: drop into Plunder and look to secure M16 kills in active areas.
  • If ambitious group: Drop into Resurgence modes on Rebirth Island, buy loadout, and find the action.
  • Remember to complete your matches.

Tips for unlocking CARV.2 in Black Ops Cold War

black ops cold war zombies carv 2Activision / Treyarch
Unlock challenge for the CARV.2 in Black Ops Cold War: Zombies.

To complete the challenge in Black Ops Cold War, you can either use multiplayer or zombies — each which have their own separate challenges.

  • Multiplayer: Use an M16 loadout and play lanes in Nuketown (or Diesel if you want some variety)
  • Zombies: Use an M16 in Outbreak mode, grab a vehicle, and move around the map destroying hordes of zombies from range

And there you have it. If you don’t feel like buying a Blueprint bundle for the CARV.2 then there are a few other easy options to get the gun unlocked, no matter what title you’re keen on playing.

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In the meantime, the grinders are hard at work and we’ll find out soon enough if this gun is actually going to be an OP addition to the CoD arsenal.