TeeP & Crowder call out Modern Warfare devs over “bulls**t” competitive

Infinity Ward

Some Call of Duty League insiders don’t think Infinity Ward or Activision has done enough to support Modern Warfare’s competitive and pro scene since the latest game in the series has come out.

On the post-Seattle episode of the Hardpoints podcast, Atlanta FaZe head coach James “Crowder” Crowder and his co-hosts discussed the amount of support, or lack thereof, that Modern Warfare has seen on the competitive side of things from developer Infinity Ward.

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Some of their biggest issues were the absence of any weapon tuning since the game was released, no spawn updates, and even the “culture” of the current game.

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Crowder himself called out devs for still not addressing the MP5, which was “nerfed” in a January 28 patch, but is considered insanely strong by the community and capable of outgunning even the M4A1 at long range, which obviously shouldn’t happen as one’s submachine gun and the other an assault rifle.

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“But once again we haven’t had a weapon tuning, we haven’t had anything, since the beginning of the game, man,” the Atlanta coach lamented.

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He’s far from the only one who has a problem with the MP5 either. The video mentioned by Crowder of Seattle Surge player Sam ‘Octane’ Larew demonstrating the SMG takes one less shot to down players (5) than the M4 (6) at long-range came out at the beginning of March, so it’s not as if this is a new issue.

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A lack of any significant spawn point updates from devs has also plagued Modern Warfare maps since the game’s release, and former pro player, Joe ‘MerK’ Deluca, who now casts for the CDL, definitely isn’t the only one feeling pessimistic about any spawn changes coming, now that we’re more than half a year in.

“We haven’t had anything, I’m going to say it on air as much as I can,” MerK claimed. “This all comes down to: this was our first franchised league, and everybody’s hopes were much higher than in previous years.”

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On top of that, Tyler ‘TeePee’ Polchow, who has played, cast, and coached in CoD esports, called the support Modern Warfare had received on these issues and more “unacceptable” for the CDL in its current state when compared to other recent Call of Duty games.

“I’ve had experience with Infinity Ward. It’s different now, the culture is different when it comes to this type of stuff. From what we got in previous IW games to what we got now, it’s unacceptable for what this league is. It’s bulls**t, I’ll say it.”

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OpTic Gaming
TeePee was previously a coach for OpTic before manning the desk for CDL.

Hopefully, Treyarch will be able to address player’s issues with their 2020 Call of Duty game (rumored to be set during the Cold War), that is, if Infinity Ward doesn’t manage to address player’s longstanding issues with Modern Warfare between now and the end of the season.

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