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Streamer catches a cheater in action during game of Blackout

Published: 22/Oct/2018 21:32 Updated: 22/Oct/2018 21:35

by Mitch Reames


Twitch streamer ‘bORNzu’ was playing Call of Duty Blackout when he noticed something suspicious in the way he was killed.

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He began to spectate his opponent and noticed some pretty clear evidence of aimbotting as the game went on.

Bornzu took the clip to Reddit’s /r/BlackOps4 and titled it “CHEATER CAUGHT ON STREAM! Please BAN this guy!!”

CHEATER CAUGHT ON STREAM ! Please BAN this guy!!! from r/Blackops4

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The post got the attention of Treyarch, and developer /u/FoxhoundFPS talked with Bornzu about the video but didn’t say definitively if any action would be taken against the player featured.

Part of the reason the alleged cheating is so clear is because it appears to be poorly coded.


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After getting a kill, the aim automatically jumps towards a new person, even when that person is far away from the cheater.

According to /u/NessaMagick in the comments, that could be caused by a toggle spinbot that instantly snaps to the head of the nearest person, an exploit that could be very strong in close quarters situations, but in Blackout, not so much.

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How Treyarch deals with these issues will be crucial to the happiness of the player base going forward, especially after the servers were downgraded from their beta-levels.