Sledgehammer Games Confirms WW2 will be Supported after Black Ops 4 Launch

. Last updated: Aug 25, 2018

Call of Duty: World War II developer Sledgehammer Games plans to support their game for as long as people are playing it.

They confirmed their support in response to a tweet from a fan asking what they plan to do after Black Ops 4 launches.

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The fan was worried that WWII would be forgotten in the hype of Black Ops 4, but Sledgehammer eased their concerns.

They replied by saying it will receive support for as long as people are playing.


Due to Call of Duty’s annual release schedule, the games tended to have a one year shelf life and did not receive content after the standard DLC schedule. Activision’s switch to a three developer cycle seems to have given CoD devs more room to support previous titles, however.

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Sledgehammer’s previous game, Advanced Warfare, received new weapons and gear well into the lifespan of Black Ops 3.

Black Ops 3 might be the longest supported game yet, with new weapons and maps being added right up until the launch of Black Ops 4.

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Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty: Ghosts received a 2GB update in August, though it is unclear if any new content was added in the patch. IW’s more recent Infinite Warfare currently has a 2XP event for the week of August 22. The servers for every Call of Duty game are still online.

With Sledgehammer’s commitment to WWII beyond the final DLC pack, old school CoD fans put off by the Specialists and abilities of Black Ops 4 may still have new content to enjoy next year.