Shroud reveals the best CoD Warzone perks you “need” to win

Isaac McIntyre
Shroud has revealed the best Warzone perks
Mixer: shroud / Infinity Ward

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has revealed which Warzone perks Call of Duty players “need” to equip if they want to have any chance of claiming victory in Infinity Ward’s newly-released battle royale game mode.

Like many other streamers, and Call of Duty fans around the world, shroud has been hard on the Warzone grind since Modern Warfare’s battle royale was officially released on March 10. Now, he thinks he’s got a winning formula figured out.

According to Mixer’s superstar, who touched on the subject during his March 11 stream, any player who wants to get ahead of the title’s early-release curve and claim some big Warzone wins, “needs” to pick the game’s top-tier perks.

Infinity Ward
Looking for the best ways to win in Warzone? Shroud may have found the answer.

As he played Modern Warfare’s 150-player battle royale, he was told by a Mixer fan that if he wanted to win, he “had to run High Alert.” Shroud disagreed, and laid out what he believes are the “absolute best” perks in the game right now.

What makes perks the best picks, he explained, was which options “counter all the others.” In his eyes, that means you have to be running Ghost and Cold-Blooded.

“High Alert is a must? No… no, it’s not a must. If you’re running Cold-Blooded then High Alert gets counted,” he said, and went on to explain how “countering all perks” is king in Warzone. If you can do that, you’re set up to win, he said.

“You have to understand there are versatile counters to every single perk in the game. Ghost, and Cold-Blooded, and then the third can be whatever you want, the third perk is optional… that one’s personal preference.

“Cold-Blooded and Ghost is what you need because it counters everything. You want to counter as much as you can with perks. Those two do the most. They’re the best. Ghost especially because you’ll never be seen by UAVs.”

As shroud continues to play Infinity Ward’s new entry into the battle royale genre, the Mixer streamer seems to be figuring out the best ways to play.

Earlier this week he called for Modern Warfare’s devs to reconsider the way their respawn system works, and dubbed purchasable revives “crazy.” Even earlier, in his first playthrough, he took a swipe at Warzone’s “super fast” gas.

While shroud still seems to be zeroing in on what he does and doesn’t like about the latest battle royale on offer, fellow streaming star Dr Disrespect ⁠— who just re-signed with Twitch for two more years ⁠— admitted he’s loving the game.

Infinity Ward
There’s still plenty of tips and tricks to learn about Modern Warfare’s new battle royale.

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