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Best landing spots on Call of Duty: Warzone's Verdansk map

by David Purcell


Call of Duty's newest battle royale game – Warzone – is finally here and while it will take some players a while to find their favorite places to land, we've already rounded up some of the best landing spots in Verdansk. 

Activision's latest leap into the BR market was released on March 10, after being labeled by Infinity Ward as 'classified' since the beginning of Season 2. Now that we know what it is and players can jump right into the action, many may be wondering about where they should be dropping in order to have the best time playing.

After all, the new map is very different from that of Call of Duty: Blackout, which was included in Black Ops 4. While much of the community will be meticulously checking the map out location by location, there's no doubt that there are spots that are better than others. Hopefully with this guide, you will be best equipped on which to start out at and what to expect when you get there.

Before that, though, let's check out the full map so you know what we're looking at.


Call of Duty: Warzone Verdansk map

Call of Duty Warzone map
Activision / Blizzard
Here's the full Verdansk map, which players have been exploring since Warzone was released.

Call of Duty: Warzone best landing spots

Verdansk International Airport

Verdansk International Airport


Let's start out with one of, if not the, biggest points of interest on the Warzone map – the airport, in Verdansk West.

This is a huge spread of land and provides the best of both worlds for players. There are great looting spots here, places to stash and camp it out, as well as some more popular areas where you may jump into a gunfight straight away.

Cod Warzone map airport
As you can see here, the airport area doesn't just consist of the airport and terminal itself – other spots can be good too.

There are also numerous other places to start out nearby, such as Airport Maintenance, Torsk Bloc, Atlas Superstore, Storage Town and more.

If there are a ton of people looking to land at Verdansk International Airport in-game, as it's admittedly a popular landing spot, you always have the choice of starting at the structures close to the airport rather than going there directly.

Either those just mentioned, or head over to the bunkers or maybe even the air traffic control tower, where things might be slightly less packed.


Zordaya Prison Complex

Zordaya Prison Complex
Activision / Infinity Ward
The Zordaya Prison Complex is a small, but popular, destination in Warzone.

If you're looking for something smaller than the airport area, the Zordaya Prison Complex might be a great fit – in Zone 5E.

It might appear to be like a castle rather than a prison from a distance, especially for those jumping out here for the first time, but beginning a game on top of one of the towers here can be really handy. They're littered with loot and each have different ladders, meaning you don't have to take fall damage to get down and explore other parts.

Activision / Infinity Ward
The prison has a number of useful items nearby, too.


Here, you can find a number of different vehicles – ranging from on-road options to a helicopter – as well as Buying Stations (seen with the shopping icons in the map above). This place might be at the very bottom of the map, on the southeast side, but there's enough loot and access to transport to get you up and running, ready for when the circle starts to close in.

Arklov Peak Military Base

Military Base in CoD Warzone
Activision / Infinity Ward

Whether you're the type of player who wants short or long distance battles, a good place to try out is the Arklov Peak Military Base. As fans will be aware already, this spot is an extension of the Arklov Peak map from Multiplayer.

Here, you will find that a number of players will also be dropping with you, as it's a really popular destination, so watch your back. With it being on the side of a mountain, though, there's the opportunity for some really good sniper play, and not just quick shotgun and submachine gun action.

Activision / Infinity Ward
It might be far from other points of interest, but the Military Base has a lot to offer.

As it sits by itself in the area is occupies, there isn't really a lot going on nearby, meaning that your best tactic here would be to get boots on the ground, pick up loot and take on gunfights almost right off the bat. Getting out of the military base in tact will definitely set you up well, but easier said than done.

Verdansk Stadium 
Activision / Infinity Ward

A lot of players are already dropping here, as it's near the middle of the map and is therefore part of many flight paths, but the stadium is definitely a place players should be looking to try out. It's a challenge.

There are tons of different smaller points of interest located in and around the stadium, all of which can be found in the list below, meaning that not only is there a ton of loot here to pick up but also a variety of spots to check out as well.

  • East Gate and Plaza C
  • Fire Station 20
  • Fumigation Warehouse
  • Great Bridge
  • Low Woodland
  • Military Checkpoint
  • Military Triage Center
  • North Gate and Plaza A
  • Overpass Parking Plaza B
  • Parking and Plaza D
  • Parking Plaza C
  • Plaza B and Park
  • South Gate
  • Verdansk Center: Acropolis National Arena
  • West and Media Gates

Activision / Infinity Ward
There's even other spots nearby like Downtown Tavorsk District too.

At the stadium alone, there are five different vehicles ready to use and five Buy Stations. This means that if you're looking to spend your hard earned cash in-game, you will have zero problems at all after looting here.

Verdansk Train Station

Verdansk Train Station in CoD Modern Warfare
Activision / Infinity Ward

The Verdansk Train Station is the fifth and final point of interest we would encourage you to try out. Why? Well, because there's a lot going on.

Much like many destinations included in the Blackout map, the train station includes many larger buildings, meaning that there's room for some really good in-building gunfights and, of course, what comes with that is a shed load of weapons and items on the ground as well.

In terms of what other features can be found here, let's take a look.

Activision / Infinity Ward
Here is the layout of the Train Station.

With two buggies, ready for your escape, as well as three Buy Stations and a whole lot of money on the floor to pick up, the Train Station is worth a shot if you're dropping into Call of Duty: Warzone. It's not the most popular location, either, so you should have a fair chance of getting down on the ground, finding what you need and be set up for the game ahead.

Honorable mentions for other landing spots that are worth trying out include the Superstore, Lumber, and Gorengard Lumber Yard, but the train station brings our list to its conclusion.

It's worth noting that while the game is so fresh, you shouldn't really limit yourself with the spots you choose to try out. Most destinations are worth giving a go – as even something more obscure might work best for you, rather than the popular spots.

So, there you have it! Those are the best landing spots we have found so far in Call of Duty: Warzone. Have you found somewhere better? Let us know @DexertoIntel.