Shroud explains why CoD Warzone’s respawn system ‘doesn’t work’

Shroud isn't a fan of Warzone's "crazy" respawning systemMixer: shroud / Infinity Ward

Mixer star Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has revealed his thoughts on Call of Duty battle royale Warzone’s respawn system, suggesting Infinity Ward had missed the mark by adding Gulag one-vs-ones and purchasable revives.

Warzone launched on March 10 and, of course, battle royale regular Grzesiek just had to give the new 150-player mode a go. Straight off the bat, though, he dubbed CoD’s new take on the genre “crazy,” mainly because of the respawn system.

The streaming star struggled to find his feet in the first few playthroughs, dying early in the round more often than not. What his deaths revealed, however, was some pretty key issues with its respawning, at least according to shroud.

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Infinity Ward
Shroud isn’t sold on Warzone’s respawning system, especially the one-vs-one Gulag arena.

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Shroud’s main complaint with Warzone’s respawning system is it promotes “crazy” gameplay in the battle royale. It’s a step away from similar titles like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG, all of which have periods of calm in their matches.

That’s not to say he’s not totally opposed to the fast-paced mode Infinity Ward have dropped into Modern Warfare ⁠— he admitted “it is Call of Duty at the end of the day… it’s supposed to be crazy” ⁠— but it seems like he isn’t sold just yet.

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“I don’t like that you get into a gunfight, then you rez [respawn], and then you get into a fight, and then you rez. I don’t like that loop. It’s a battle royale, you should be mobile, you should be moving,” he said after another visit to the Gulag.

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These constant respawns, which are worst at the start of each match when the Gulag is available, is compounded by the fact Warzone boasts 150 players each game. “Every place you land is a hot zone, and stays that way, it’s crazy,” he added.

Infinity Ward
Shroud’s been using Warzone’s respawn system a lot in the opening days, leading to his opinions on the “crazy” feature.

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Shroud is never one to shy away from a challenge in how to “solve” issues like these, either. He told Respawn how to fix both Apex’s supply bins, and make their Deja Loot armor better, and he’s done the same for Warzone and Infinity Ward now too.

According to the Mixer star, the overload of respawning options in the battle royale should be heavily reduced or even scrapped, so more players are actually booted from the game once they’re eliminated in the early stages.

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“Maybe the game could have only one Gulag, one respawn? That should keep it moving,” he suggested. “There should only be one respawn for anyone on a cache. I think I’ve respawned on the exact same cache like five times already.”

For mobile readers, the related segment begins at 14:55 in the video below.

Warzone’s respawn system isn’t the only thing shroud has taken a swipe at in the early days of the release either ⁠— the streamer also suggested Infinity Ward slow down the “super fast” gas which closes in on players throughout the game.

Whether or not the Modern Warfare devs listen to shroud remains to be seen, but with the suggestions he’s been throwing out already stacking up, maybe they’d be best to wait until he’s done critiquing the game before they make their move.

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Then again, maybe shroud’s problem has been how much he’s died. Of course if you’re constantly re-spawning the game will seem “crazy.” Maybe he needs to read our Warzone landing zone guide, and see where the best drop spots really are.