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Second CWL Pro League organization accused of blackmailing players

Published: 8/Mar/2019 9:56 Updated: 8/Mar/2019 15:18

by Matt Porter


Midnight Esports have become the second Call of Duty team to be accused of using their CWL Pro League spot in an attempt to force players into signing contracts.

On Wednesday, March 6, Michael ‘Beehzy’ Said alleged that Excelerate Gaming had used their CWL Pro League spot to blackmail the players into signing a contract with the organization, and owed the players money dating back to January 2019.


Now, an anonymous source talking to the CWL Intel Twitter account has alleged that Midnight have also been using their CWL Pro League spot in an attempt to force the Midnight players into signing a contract that they had refused.

MLG / CoD GamepediaMidnight secured their place at the Pro League Qualifier.

The anonymous person claims that the Midnight roster had a contract with the organization for the Pro League Qualifier, with the option to extend it if they qualified. Midnight then attempted to hold the roster to this extension, even though they hadn’t officially signed it.


The players were allegedly then told that they would not receive a contract until they had signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which following legal advice the roster agreed to sign. Players were then offered a contract described as “inconsistent,” with the roster referred to as both employees and contractors, which was declined following advice from their legal council.

Following unsuccessful attempts to contact Midnight’s attorney, the four players who had refused to sign the contract, alongside the team’s coach, were all then blocked on Twitter by the owners of the organization on February 27. Midnight then attempted to drop the four holdouts, but when this was denied by MLG, they followed the players again, moved Eric ‘JetLi’ Phan to the substitute position and released coach Ricky ‘Atura’ Lugo.

Atura / TwitterAtura was released from the organization.

The source then claims that the players received threatening messages from the organization’s owners, telling them that if they continued to refuse the contract, they would be dropped from the organization and lose their position as a player in the Pro League.


Finally, the anonymous person states that MLG were then asked to step in, and eventually said that the Midnight roster could be transferred to another team. At this point, Dylan ‘Envoy’ Hannon accepted an offer from another organization, and with Saul ‘Parzelion’ Masse-Siguenza’s move to UYU, the five-man roster was forced to disband.

This isn’t the first time that Midnight has come under fire, as OpTic Gaming star Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter previously took aim at the organization for failing to pay four of their players, a claim that would match the four players who allegedly refused to sign a contract with them.

Dexerto reached out to Midnight CEO Ken ‘K2’ McGraw for a comment, who stated: “Un-named and anonymous sources with baseless claims do not merit an official response.”


Call of Duty

“Broken” Warzone skin is too hard to see & players aren’t happy about it

Published: 18/Oct/2020 22:48

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 5 Roze “Rook” operator is maddening players, as the small, dark silhouette is sometimes impossible to detect before getting killed.

Verdansk is a diverse environment and Modern Warfare’s operators are fittingly blessed with a varied assortment of camouflages. With the map spanning green, forested areas, dry, muted plains, and dark, indoor rooms, there is a lot of different scenery to keep track of.


Within the map’s obscured nooks and crannies, one Season 5 operator skin has become a particular nuisance for players. Upon hitting Tier 100 on the preceding season’s Battle Pass, the Roze “Rook” skin was unlocked, offering fans a jet-black, sleek character to rock across Modern Warfare’s multiplayer and accompanying battle royale.

With the prevalence of close-quarters combat in dimly lit indoor spaces, players have begun pointing out just how impossible it is to see Roze in the game. 

roze rook skin season 5
Infinity Ward
Roze’s Rook skin is easy to see in the light, but practically invisible in the dark.

In a screenshot shown by ‘bleedblue_knetic’ on Reddit, there appears to be an empty cell in the subterranean jails located below the Prison POI. But their teammate, ‘Deadalus,’ is highlighted as being right behind the cell’s bars. 

Even knowing someone is technically there, it is practically impossible to discern a character model behind the partial obstructions.

I’ve never really seen anyone talk about it, but does anyone else think Roze skin is not okay? from CODWarzone

As such, bleedblue_knetic’s post is titled simply: “I’ve never really seen anyone talk about it, but does anyone else think Roze skin is not okay?” In response, the vast majority of commenters agreed that this skin is an issue and is getting widely used by sweaty players because of how difficult it is to see in Warzone’s darker environments.


One commenter summed it up succinctly: “It’s one of the most broken skins in the game.”

Another Redditor, ‘OJbeforethebadstuff,’ also replied with his own example of the Rook skin’s seeming invisibility. While their video settings appear to lack more brightness than necessary, it still demonstrates just how deadly Roze’s camouflage can be.


As seen in the video, the screen is darker than most players’ displays, but, nonetheless, the Roze that kills him is frankly invisible. It isn’t until you watch the kill cam that you realize there was a person actually standing there amongst the tables, waiting to secure an easy elimination.


Usually, hacking is raised as a possibility when you’re killed by someone you can’t see. But, in this case, it appears that the Rook skin is simply svelte and dark enough to blend into indoor backgrounds perfectly.

Her hitbox isn’t technically smaller than others’ and she does appear in an obvious contrast when in bright environments, but so much of Warzone is played in dimmed locations that this is as meta a skin as the game has seen. Infinity Ward has yet to respond to complaints and it remains to be seen if some of the game’s niche visibility issues can be resolved.