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Scump explains OpTic Texas’ Major 2 struggles amid Vanguard spawn controversy

Published: 16/Apr/2022 16:25

by Joe Craven


Call of Duty legend Seth ‘Scump’ Abner has explained OpTic Texas’ struggles at the CDL Major 2, which saw the fan-favorite roster eliminated in 5-6th despite coming in as favorites to make it back-to-back tournament wins. 

After a poor year under the banner of OpTic Chicago, many Greenwall fans have found exactly what they’re looking for in the start of the CoD: Vanguard season.

The new-look OpTic Texas roster of Scump, Dashy, iLLeY, and Shotzzy took CDL Major 1 back in March, meaning they went into April’s Major 2 as firm favorites.

However, things didn’t quite go to plan for OpTic, losing 3-0 to Seattle and then 3-1 to Florida to see them eliminated top 6. Now, Scump has explained what he thinks went wrong.


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The CDL Major II was won by the LA Guerrillas, taking everybody by surprise.

Speaking in April 15’s episode of the OpTic Podcast, the King pointed to some questionable spawns as a major reason for their loss to Florida, stating that they were too slow to react when the unexpected happened.

“This was the first time I’ve nerd raged off stage,” Scump said. “Whenever I lose I’m usually like ‘they just played good whatever’, not this time. I’m walking down the stairs backstage and I’m just raging… [It was] horrible spawns against Florida… We noticed it like half a second too late. Brandon was like ‘wrong spawns, wrong spawns’, I was like ‘what!’ I was pushing out their side, I lost so much composure.”


The spawn in question was indeed controversial, with many CDL pros criticizing the game for its seemingly lackluster mechanics. Despite OpTic wiping Florida off the map, Florida spawned directly behind the OpTic players instead of the expected spawns across the map as punishment for being wiped.

Topic starts at 31:50 

On the earlier Seattle loss, Scump put it down to poor map vetoes from OpTic, resulting in matches being played on maps Seattle were confident playing. While they were also OpTic’s favorable maps, Scump thinks they should have sought to choose Seattle’s least favorite maps, even if OpTic were less comfortable on them as well.


“We trolled vetoes,” he said. “We ego-challenged… we played our best maps and their best maps, they just had a better day.”

With fine margins seemingly to blame for the early elimination, Scump and OpTic Texas should be confident of regaining top spot when Major 3 comes around.