Call of Duty pros slam Vanguard spawns amid CDL Major II controversy

CDL skins in Vanguard with Call of Duty League logoActivision

Call of Duty League pros including Scump, Attach, and Slasher have blasted spawns in Vanguard as they continue to constitute major talking points at the CDL Major 2 in Minnesota. 

Call of Duty League fans have become accustomed to the League’s scheduling now we are into its third season; weekly qualifiers build-up to Major tournaments wherein significant prize money and CDL points are up for grabs.

We are well underway with CDL Major II, taking place as the Minnesota ROKKR’s Home Series. It has thrown up plenty of surprises, with Major I winners OpTic Texas going home in 5-6th and an incredibly strong Toronto Ultra lineup going home joint last.

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However, despite it being nearly 6 months since Vanguard’s launch, plenty of people in the CoD esports scene continue to lament the game’s spawns, a trend that has intensified at Major II, with some truly bizarre scenarios cropping up in vital matches.

cdl major 2 tournament logoCall of Duty League
The CDL Major II is underway in Minneapolis.

Frustrations with the Vanguard spawn system were raised during OpTic Texas’ elimination match with the Florida Mutineers.

A clip from the game quickly surfaced on Twitter, showing OpTic wipe Florida off the map, only for the Mutineers to spawn directly behind the OpTic players.

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Speaking about the clip, CoD legend Scump commented sarcastically: “Just gotta read that I guess.”

Echoing Scump’s feelings was ex-teammate Nadeshot, who now owns the Los Angeles Thieves CDL franchise. He joked that Vanguard’s spawn logic “deserves a prison sentence.”

They were joined by ROKKR’s Attach, who sarcastically thanked whoever invented squad spawns before saying that in Vanguard “[You] get a squad wipe and you spawn them at a random location.”

Rounding off the frustrations was LAG’s SlasheR, who tweeted a still image of the Florida spawn with a thumbs up, again tongue-in-cheek.

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When a team is killed entirely, standard spawn logic dictates they spawn back where they came from, meaning the team with the kills is rewarded and can consolidate their position.

The OpTic vs Mutineers match, though, saw Florida flip spawns despite being wiped. OpTic were naturally caught off guard and appeared punished, despite actually racking up kills.

Fans and players will be hoping Sledgehammer make quick adjustments but, with months elapsed since Vanguard’s release, perhaps we’ll just have to accept the seemingly odd spawns.

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