Rise Nation’s Gunless Wins MVP Yet Again After Dominant Performance at CWL Anaheim

Calum Patterson

Leading his team to yet another major open championship, Rise Nation’s Pierce “Gunless” Hillman won another deserved MVP award for his individual play at CWL Anaheim.

Gunless also won MVP at the last open event, CWL Seattle, and if anything he is getting better as are his teammates, just in time for the final two events of the 2018 season.

Rise Nation looked peerless throughout the tournament, with the exception of their very opening match when they were shocked by Team Kaliber, but they quickly shook that off.

And Gunless was definitely at the center of this, as whenever the stream broadcast cut to a listen in with Rise, Gunless was constantly communicating and directing his sqaud – all while putting up huge numbers in the kill column.

Once in the winners bracket, Rise swept both Splyce and UNILAD, and Gunless was most impressive in SnD, managing a 1.46 K/D in the mode over the weekend.

Their SnD ultimately helped them reach the Grand Final, beating Red Reserve in the winners final in a game five, and again once they were in the grand final, they won both the SnD’s across the two series.

Gunless is now likely uncontested as the best overall player in WWII, as a flex player he is able to play either the AR or SMG role, and regularly switches between them depending on the map and mode.

Gunless’ K/D in each mode at CWL Anaheim. Image: MLG

His versatility is invaluable to Rise, whose other players, although brilliant in their respective roles, are quite rigid in them.

For example, Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat is a set assault rifle player, while Thomas “TJHaLy” Haly is only at his best with an SMG in hand running head first at the enemy.

Having Gunless to fill essentially any role that the team needs, and being able to rely on him to perform it near flawlessly, is what makes him the number one player in CoD: WWII, and a deserved back-to-back MVP.

Watch our interview with the MVP himself, immediately following his big win.

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