Red Reserve’s future in jeopardy after sudden flurry of player and staff departures [UPDATING]

Albert Petrosyan

A cloud of uncertainty has suddenly formed around prominent esports organization Red Reserve after several key members of their staff announced that they were leaving the org.

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Major questions are being raised about the org’s future in esports, with many speculating the owners of the org may be leaving the world of competitive gaming and looking to explore other industries. 

Several of the org’s official esports teams and players in Call of Duty, CS:GO, and Rocket League have been tweeting about the situation, with all signs pointing to the likely possibility that they’ll all be needing a new home in very near future. 

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In fact, the news seemed to start surfacing when pro CoD players Rated, Bance, and Skrapz, all started tweeting out about the situation, with Rated lamenting about his luck.

“When you just think your day couldn’t get any worse, boom!” said Rated. “When am I going to being the unluckiest guy on this planet, do I have to relocate to Mars? Someone throw me a bone.”

While their Pro League spot may not be in jeopardy, the Red Reserve pro CoD players will likely be needing to find an new org soon.
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As for what exactly is going on, Rated went on to explain that no one with insider info was allowed to reveal anything to the public, but he made it clear that he and his teammates had been “done dirty.”

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Ben Grey, who handled Red Reserve’s social media branding and other related work, has been one of several staff members who have already either tweeted out about leaving and/or posted their resume online in search of new opportunities. 

“Been a good run,” he tweeted. “All things come to an end I guess. 2 years.”

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Longtime content creator ‘EmZ,’ who had been with Red Reserve for nearly five years, has also announced that she’s leaving the org, explaining her decision in an emotional YouTube video she published on February 8. 

Some may have already seen something like this coming ahead of time, when CS:GO pro player ‘Disco Doplan’ and the entire Triple Trouble Rocket League team parted ways with the org.

In Triple Trouble’s case, the roster was released from their contracts on February 7, while Doplan was the one who terminated his contract after it was breached by Red Reserve. 

All of this seems to fall in line with the speculation Red Reserve are simply abandoning their ties to the esports world and looking for other, more lucrative ventures. 

Some are theorizing that the owners have financially gained all they can from esports and are now planning on shifting their focus to the entertainment side of the company, which they’ve have been increasingly expanding. 

Of course nothing can be known for sure until the organization makes a formal announcement, which should be coming soon considering how quickly the situation has come light.

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