Is Rambo coming to Warzone? CoD players discover crossover clues in potential teaser

activision teases warzone rambo crossover first blood star joins battle royaleCarolco Pictures / Activision

John Rambo’s thirst for violence may soon have the cinematic icon dropping into Call of Duty Warzone, with players discovering subtle hints from Activision pointing to the First Blood star’s arrival in Verdansk ‘84.

When it comes to 1980s action flicks, there might not be a more violent figure than Rambo. Sylvester Stallone’s war hero has ravaged through countless foes across five movies and now, he might be dropping into Warzone.

Over the past few weeks, players have been able to nab a quick overview of their battle royale stats on Twitter. Through the #WarzoneReport hashtag, millions are sharing their lifetime achievements. 

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This social media trend led players to first notice the subtle Rambo teaser.

Warzone teases Rambo in Season 3

“Does anyone know SURVIVORJOHN#1009062?” Call of Duty’s official account asked on May 5. John being Rambo’s first name is certainly a strong connection. Along with some of the more absurd stats you’ll ever see, players are taking these hints as an indication that Rambo is on his way.

Over the course of just five games, the mysterious account appears to have racked up five wins and a whopping 552 kills. Naturally, they did so without a single death, leading to an ‘infinite’ K/D ratio.

While the stats themselves are outrageous, they could be authentic to Rambo’s cinematic history.

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Five games is equivalent to his five feature films. Seven hours played matches up with the total run time of said films, and 552 kills is reportedly in line with Rambo’s total kill count.

It’s an oddly specific career overview for the official CoD account to promote, though it wouldn’t be the first time a movie icon runs rampant in Warzone.

The likes of Jigsaw and Leatherface terrorized players last Halloween, perhaps setting the stage for more crossovers down the line.

When will Rambo arrive in Warzone?

Rambo movieCarolco Pictures
Rambo could soon be pushing through the forests of Verdansk ’84.

For now, this subtle teaser on social media is all we have to go off. Therefore, it’s impossible to pin down exactly when Rambo might make his presence known in Verdansk.

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Given we’re still early into Season 3, however, there’s a good chance he arrives in the near future. It’s safe to expect a unique bundle in the store boasting a unique Rambo skin along with a few additional items.

From blueprints to camos, you’ll likely be able to assume the role of Rambo in more ways than one. We’ll keep up to speed as more teasers come to light.