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Pro CoD players agree new ‘GAs’ in Modern Warfare for CDL 2020

Published: 27/May/2020 14:17

by Daniel Cleary


Professional Call of Duty players in the CDL have set out new ‘GAs’ (gentlemen’s agreements) between themselves for the rest of the Modern Warfare season, after much debate and controversy.

There has been lots of discussion in recent weeks over some of Modern Warfare’s in-game mechanics, such as snaking and slide-canceling, with pro players arguing over what some call ‘broken’ features.

After it was shared that players and coaches had been working on new ‘gentlemen’s agreements’, where teams handshake over not using certain features in competition, a list featuring the new changes was finally confirmed on May 26.

Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare attachments like Merc Foregrip and 10mm mags have been controversial in competitive CoD.

Dallas Empire’s Anthony ‘Shotzzy’ Cuevas-Castro was among the first to confirm the new GA rules during a livestream, explaining that Automatic Tactical Sprint, Merc Foregrip, and the Snaking mechanic had all been ‘GA’d’.

“Auto Tac Sprint is GA’d, Merc Foregrip is GA’d and Snaking,” he explained, listing the new restrictions that the players had agreed upon. These changes are not officially enforced within the CDL ruleset, and there has been controversy in the past over whether such agreements should be allowed.

The CoD stars were likely keen to get rid of Automated Tactical Sprint as it can be used to abuse the slide-canceling mechanic in Modern Warfare, giving players an edge in movement speed and making them harder to target in gunfights.

While certain features such as Auto Tac Sprint and Merc Foregrip can be disabled prior to a match, Snaking can be much more difficult to enforce during competition. It has caused no end controversy when it has been GA’d in previous Call of Duty titles.

While it is unclear how these changes will affect the current meta, Seattle Surge star Octane joked that teams such as Atlanta FaZe, who have been a consistent contender at events, were among the first to take advantage of these features and could be affected by some of the unofficial rule changes.

One key feature that was also up for the gentlemen’s agreement debate was the 10mm mags attachment, which is often seen on the Mp5 for improved range during long-range fights, however, despite many claiming that it is overpowered, it seems to have escaped this wave of GA bans.

Although some fans argue that GAs shouldn’t be permitted, others believe they are necessary to ensure fair and balanced gameplay. Because official bans will often take longer and require more bureaucracy, GAs are affective at bringing fast, small changes in time for tournaments.

The Call of Duty League will return on June 6 for Minnesota’s Week 9 event, giving players a chance to compete with some of these new changes.

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Black Ops Cold War bug removes grass on Cartel and players are loving it

Published: 24/Nov/2020 19:35

by Tanner Pierce


Ever since the beta, Black Ops Cold War players have been complaining about the grass on the map Cartel, claiming that it’s too high and can block visibility. Now, a bug is eliminating that grass and players are apparently loving it. 

When the Black Ops Cold War beta first launched and players had the opportunity to try out all the maps the prerelease version had to offer, one stood out among the rest because of its terrible visibility: Cartel. While the outskirts are fine and pretty open, the center is generally considered a nightmare because of incredibly tall grass that blocks sightlines.

Ever since then, fans have been complaining about the visibility and when the game launched, nothing about the visibility was changed in any drastic way. Now, all of those complaints are being resolved in Black Ops Cold War – all thanks to a bug.

Had a bug where the leaves and bushes disappeared on the map Cartel… was beautiful from r/blackopscoldwar

According to a few Reddit posts, fans have been experiencing a bug on Cartel that essentially removes the extremely tall grass. As one can see from the pictures, the glitch gives the map a way more open feeling and allows players to see the center more easily than the normal version.

Response to the no-grass version has been overwhelmingly positive, with some people calling the bug “beautiful” and “how Cartel should be.” User bobagolf pointed out in one of the more popular posts that it looked so nice that it “makes it look like the version with the bushes should be the bugged version.”

How Cartel should be. from r/blackopscoldwar

To be clear, it’s unknown whether or not this glitch is new. Some players were reporting that they got it “early on” but considering at least three separate posts were added to Reddit talking about it in the span of 24 hours, it seems like, at the very least, it is now happening more frequently.

Normally, it’s easy to hope for a quick fix from the developers, but considering most players seem to be in love with the version, it may be in everyone’s best interest if Treyarch just makes it a permanent feature of the map and removes the grass entirely. Only time will tell what they’ll end up doing.