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OpTic’s Karma has hilarious reaction to Scump hosting him on Twitch

Published: 12/Sep/2018 23:08 Updated: 12/Sep/2018 23:54

by Virginia Glaze


OpTic Gaming content creator Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow was streaming the Call of Duty: Blackout private beta when he received a host from Seth ‘Scump’ Abner, captain of OpTic’s CoD team.

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Karma’s friends, who were on a call with him live on stream, expressed their reactions over voice chat at the news. “Wow, what a generous guy!” one said over the mic.

Karma himself appeared to be nonplussed about this development, as he threw in a hilariously snide remark about the host. “This is how I get repaid for five months on the bench,” he said in monotone. “I get a nice, fat host. I’ll take it.”


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Karma’s comment, although clearly a joke, is a slight dig at the fact that Scump and the rest of the OpTic team decided to drop him halfway through the competitive WWII season.

While it appears that he and his former teammates have remained on good terms, this is not the first time he has joked about being released from the CoD team.

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Karma has remained on the org as a content creator, but he’s made it clear that he will be returning to competing in the upcoming Black Ops 4 season, although it will very likely not be with OpTic. 


The three-time CoD World Champion has been dabbling at casually streaming other games in the meantime, one of which has been the Blackout battle royale beta, which he seems to be a major fan of.

The Blackout beta is also currently underway on Playstation 4, while players on the PC and Xbox One will have to wait until their beta goes live on September 14. The beta will end on September 17 for all platforms.