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Next CoD mobile updates revealed: battle royale changes and more

Published: 9/May/2020 15:52

by Connor Bennett


Activision has revealed what is coming down the line in future Call of Duty: Mobile updates including new maps, weapons, and even a few changes to the battle royale mode.

Building on the success of Call of Duty on both console and PC, CoD Mobile allows mobile players to get in on the action by throwing together a number of classic maps, weapons, and modes into one game. 

By using Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Black Ops, Black Ops 2, and the newest Call Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, fans can relive the older titles in a simplified way. As this has proven to be pretty popular, Activision has showered the mobile game in updates – and there are still many more to come.


CoD Mobile brings together some of the best Call of Duty maps and modes.

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CoD Mobile season six content roadmap

In their May 7 community update, following the season six patch, the developers revealed the roadmap for the new season. Off the bat, Rust and Capture the Flag are the new map and mode being introduced, while the previously teased Saloon location and 1v1 mode are both coming in mid-May.

Before that, though, the Gold Rush variant for the battle royale mode is set to launch in early-May, with Kill Confirmed also getting added around the same time. Another battle royale mode, Class Poltergeist, will also be added in late-May. 

The roadmap for CoD Mobile Season 6 lays out the future maps and modes.

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CoD Mobile battle royale map changes

Yet, the new modes aren’t the only thing coming to the battle royale. The developers have also teased a few map changes, seemingly in the form of an extension to the Isolated map. 


In the northern part of the map, above Nuclear Plant and Standoff, there are seven dots listed as work in progress, with their addition set to come in June. Sadly though, there are no teases about what locations they could be.

CoD Mobile’s battle royale map has some new work in progress locations.

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Prior to previous updates, the developers have teased their new locations just before they’re added, so it might be the same for these planned battle royale changes. 

Even though it is a little bit of a wait until June, the hype and anticipation will no doubt continue to build until the new updates are dropped.