New York Subliners add Crimsix to finalize CDL 2022 roster

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The New York Subliners have cemented their roster for the Call of Duty League 2022 season. The final piece to the concrete jungle’s puzzle is Crimsix, who reunites with Clayster and joins two talented sophomore SMGs.

It was clear that the Subliners would be shaking up their roster for CDL 2022 after a sloppy ending to 2021. That shift gained momentum in September, when a new four was rumored for NYSL.

Over a month later, those rumors have come true. Piece by piece, the Subliners have announced their four franchise cornerstones: two veteran champions and two highly touted sophomores.

With James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks and Paco ‘HyDra’ Rusiewiez re-signed, New York proceeded to bring in Travis ‘Neptune’ McCloud and Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter, from Florida Mutineers and Dallas Empire respectively. The new lineup is as mixed a bag as any, with both experience and inexperience — making it an intriguing squad for 2022.

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Subliners add Crimsix to CDL 2022 roster

After winning CDL Champs 2020 with the Dallas Empire, Crim and Clay were split up for the 2021 season after the shift to 4v4. Now, with the Empire disbanding, New York was able to reunite the pair of multi-time CoD champions.

Those two are joined by two of the league’s most promising 2021 rookies: HyDra and the former Florida Mutineer, Neptune. The latter has big shoes to fill, as the wily submachine gunner will replace fan-favorite Obaid ‘Asim’ Asim.

Subliners CDL 2022 lineup

  • Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter
  • James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks
  • Paco ‘HyDra’ Rusiewiez
  • Travis ‘Neptune’ McCoud

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