New Warzone tracer bundle disabled after causing games to crash

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific year of the tiger bundle

Call of Duty: Warzone’s devs have disabled the new Year of the Tiger Lunar New Year bundle after it started causing players’ games to completely crash. They’ve also explained that they’re working on a fix.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, Warzone and Vanguard both added a new Tracer bundle: the Year of the Tiger pack. It comes with an STG-44 blueprint, a watch, two weapon charms, and two calling cards.

Unfortunately, while many were likely excited to embrace the festivities and bring out the red and gold tracer rounds, the bundle comes with some literally game-breaking bugs.

In a February 1 tweet, developers Raven Software revealed that they’re aware of the Tiger bundle causing players’ Warzone games to crash. In response, it has been disabled entirely while they work on a fix.

New Warzone bundle causing games to crash

As Raven explained in their tweet, there is “an issue causing players to crash while using contents from Tracer Pack: Year of the Tiger.”

They elaborated that the bundle is now disabled in-game “until further notice.” Further details on their Trello board reveal that the issue is currently being “investigated” across all platforms (PlayStation, Xbox, and PC).


Coming in at 1,000 CoD Points, the Year of the Tiger bundle costs players around $10 to acquire (unless they saved up points from earlier seasons). 

With the Lunar New Year taking place on February 1, this is most certainly not an ideal time for the bundle to be bugged. It remains to be seen when the issue will be fixed, but players will hope that it’s sooner than later so they can start celebrating the new year in style.

When it is eventually fixed, Raven will likely both update their Trello board as well as share an update on Twitter.