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Warzone Season 5 trailer teases even bigger squad sizes coming soon

Published: 4/Aug/2020 2:36

by Brad Norton


Warzone could be getting a new five-player mode, as eagle-eyed Call of Duty fans appear to have spotted a subtle tease for even bigger squad sizes in the latest Season 5 trailer.

Throughout the first four seasons, Warzone has been capped at four-player squads. The Modern Warfare battle royale currently allows for solos, duos, trios, and quads to drop into Verdansk, but teams could soon be adding an additional player to their group, if Season 5 teasers hold true.

The upcoming 36.18 GB patch is set to release on August 5. It comes boasting all-new map changes, a moving train, and even ziplines. While fresh Operators and weapons are also up for grabs in the Season 5 Battle Pass, new playlists are yet to be confirmed. There’s no telling how the core experience will be shaken up in limited-time playlists. That said, one one upcoming fixture appears to have been spotted already.


Infinity Ward co-studio head Patrick Kelly teased a 200-player, five-player Warzone mode back in March. Now, it seems that the enormous mode could finally be making its way to the popular battle royale.

5 Man Squads coming to Warzone? from CODWarzone

In the midst of a bombastic Season 5 trailer, a few extremely attentive fans spotted something out of the ordinary. A helicopter was flying over the stadium before the roof was blown to bits. While it was descending, it looked like five Operators were all riding in the vehicle at once.

Four characters can be seen sitting at the sides of the chopper. Meanwhile, one additional player is seen navigating through a thick cloud of smoke from the blast. Another angle gives an overhead view to all but confirm that five players can share the one vehicle in Season 5.


If previous tests are finally reaching the live version of the game, 200 players could soon take over Verdansk. 40 squads of five players would drastically change the flow of a typical Warzone match.

With more players teaming than ever before, each gunfight could last quite a while. If a third party gets involved there could be up to 15 players firing all at once. 

Call of Duty Warzone helicopter
Infinity Ward
An overhead angle gives a clear shot of four players sitting in a chopper while a fifth serves as the pilot.

It’s worth noting that while five players can be seen together, there’s no telling how it will function in-game. It could be a permanent fixture as a standard playlist.

It could also just be a special, limited-time mode to begin with. There’s also no confirmation the five-player variant will be available at launch, unfortunately, and there’s a chance it could be added down the line as Season 5 progresses.


Keep your eyes peeled over the coming days as the huge update draws near. If you’re a PlayStation user, you can even start your download early to jump right in as Season 5 rolls over.