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New Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War easter egg solved: what it means

Published: 10/Aug/2020 21:07 Updated: 11/Aug/2020 5:58

by Albert Petrosyan


The mysterious Call of Duty 2020 crates sent to various content creators have finally been opened, revealing a trail of easter eggs that connect to the iconic Black Ops map Summit, Warzone, Zombies, and the game’s potential release date.

Update: CoD 2020 Easter Egg Solved!

After several hours of cracking codes and connecting dots, popular Call of Duty content creator NoahJ456 and his team figured out the endgame to the crate easter egg: a website where the next stage of the CoD 2020 teaser chain will be held.

The website ( features an old tube television set, a vintage-looking phone, and several things in the background, which when touched up with some contrast changes, are revealed to include a poster of the current Warzone map.

The page also features an antique alarm clock, which shows the date of August 14. According to NoahJ, this is not for the full reveal and instead just the date for when the next stage of the teasers will appear.

Original Story:

There was a lot of anticipation from the Call of Duty player-base on August 10, as streamers and YouTubers were finally allowed to unlock the cryptic packages they’d recently received from Activision.

Revealed to be inside were slide projectors, different ones from different eras, such as the old-school TDC Headline 303 model that was sent to news outlet charlieINTEL.

In addition, the boxes also contained slides of various images, some of actual places and cities in the world, while others contained a seemingly random collection of letters.

Connection to Summit

There were several of those map image slides included in all of the crates that had been shipped out, five to be exact, pointing to Paris, Moscow, New York, London, and Tokyo.

What’s more: the little numbers on those maps looked very similar to the same ones used to distinguish the different regions on Summit, the well-known locale that was first introduced in the first Black Ops game. Also, there were overhead shots of an unmarked area that also matched up perfectly with the map’s shape.

In fact, they looked so similar that it prompted some keen-eyed fans to look more closely at Summit in Black Ops 4, only to realize that Treyarch had quietly pushed through a small update that had tweaked the map, adding in live clocks for all five major cities as well as turned on the computer screens to show the same sort of circular figures in some of the image slides.

Treyarch also updated BO4’s Message of the Day screen, adding in another one of those overhead images of Summit that looked identical to the other ones that had been included with the slide projectors.

So, what about Warzone?

So, if the teaser was to stop here, it would be safe to conclude that its goal was to hint that Summit may be returning for yet another one of Treyarch’s titles in 2020.

However, we already knew that thanks to previous CoD 2020 map leaks, so it’s a good thing that’s not all these mysterious images and graphics have to offer, because it appears they bear a connection to Warzone as well.

NoahJ456 decided to look further into it all, starting by lining up the text slides with the circles shown on the Summit computer screens, revealing a secret jumble of words: “TURN,” “ELEVATOR,” and “WHEN.”

This is where the battle royale comes in; prominent CoD leaker ModernWarzone claimed that some of the more important inaccessible bunkers in Warzone have elevators in them as well as other Cold War references.

He’s even managed to get pictures of these elevators using a recon drone since players can’t actually get inside the rooms, so it’s clear that one of the hidden messages in the teaser directly ties in with this.

This is most likely all about the in-game event coming to Warzone sometime in the near future, as hinted at by Activision in the official Season 5 Roadmap. It’s been leaked and rumored for a while that the first full CoD 2020 reveal will happen during this event, so it’s safe to assume this is what it’s all about.

Potential release date & zombies

Believe it or not, the teaser goes even deeper that everything discussed above. Further close examination of the slides with the random letters, when matched up with some of the other circular patterns, revealed the message “BISH YOU WERE HERE,” which is in reference to a famous World Chess Championship match played between American Grandmaster Bobby Fischer and his Russian counterpart Boris Spassky in 1972.

ChessBaseBobby Fischer (USA) faces off against Boris Spassky (USSR) in the “match of the century.”

While that may not mean much on its own, it becomes a lot more relevant when taking into account that a lot of the teasers for Season 5 were themed around chess pieces, especially the rook, which also happens to be the logo of Shadow Company, a new faction that was added in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Furthermore, the match sits atop history not only for the prominent players involved but also because it was a metaphorical battle between the USA and USSR, who were embroiled in the Cold War at the time. Oh, there’s that Cold War reference again!

There’s more: a 2014 film called Pawn Sacrifice, which is about Bobby Fischer’s triumphs in 1972, runs exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes (1:15), a number that can be important for a variety of reasons.

For one, Element 115 is a core aspect of Zombies in Call of Duty, as it was initially used for the creation of zombies as well as the substance that powers the various superweapons players can use to counter them, according to the CoD Wiki:

Element 115 was used to create the zombies as one of its side effects was the reanimation of dead cells. The zombies were to be used as super-soldiers by the Germans. After creating them, the Germans realized that they were uncontrollable and would lead to mankind’s destruction. The Ray Gun, the Pack-a-Punch Machine, the Perk-a-Cola machines, the Wunderwaffe DG-2, and other various Wonder Weapons are all powered by Element 115, along with the teleporters. It would appear Element 115 can also control the zombies, as the Focusing Stone is a shrunken-down meteor that Richtofen claims will let him control the world.

So what does this mean? Well, it’s nothing conclusive, but it could be a solid indicator that Zombies will be returning to the franchise after Infinity Ward decided to skip a year with Modern Warfare.

TreyarchElement 115 is what was used to create Zombies in Call of Duty, as well as the weapons that counter them.

There’s also the possibility that the 115 runtime number might be Activision/Treyarch’s ingenious way of teasing the release date since 11/5 could mean November 5, which would be very possible and make sense.

There’s a lot to digest here, we know. Whether you like it or not, Activision have seemingly abandoned their usual way of announcing new CoD games in favor of an approach akin to a wild goose chase through the wormhole of intricate easter eggs and multi-layered teasers.

This looks to be only the tip of the iceberg so expect a lot more information to be revealed in the coming days and weeks. As always, make sure to follow us on Twitter @DexertoINTEL for all the latest Call of Duty news, leaks, updates, and more.

Call of Duty

CoD 2021 leaks: Release date, next Call of Duty developer, rumors

Published: 15/Jan/2021 17:11

by James Busby


From credible rumors to speculated release dates, find out everything you need to know about Call of Duty 2021. 

The ever-popular Call of Duty series has remained a staple pick for those looking to show off their quick reflexes and eagle-eyed aim. Whether you enjoy futuristic firefights or prefer the boots on the ground approach, Call of Duty has delivered numerous experiences over the years.

From the brutal battlefields of WWII to present-day conflicts, the series has continually visited and revisited numerous theatres of war with each new entry. 

With the next title on the horizon, let’s run through everything we know about CoD 2021. 

CoD 2021 release date

Black Ops Cold War screenshot
Activision / Treyarch
Black Ops Cold War is the latest title to be released.

As of writing, we don’t have an official release date set for Call of Duty 2021. However, that hasn’t stopped us from making an educated guess. By following similar CoD release title trends, it’s fair to speculate that the game will release in early to mid-November. 

After all, the previous Call of Duty games all had November releases. Here’s a brief timeline of previous CoD release dates: 

  • Call of Duty 3: November 7, 2006
  • Modern Warfare: November 7, 2007
  • World at War: November 11, 2008
  • Modern Warfare 2: November 10, 2009
  • Black Ops: November 9, 2010
  • Modern Warfare 3: November 8, 2011
  • Black Ops II: November 13, 2012
  • Ghosts: November 5, 2013
  • Advanced Warfare: November 4, 2014
  • Black Ops III: November 6, 2015
  • Infinite Warfare: November 4, 2016
  • WWII: November 3, 2017
  • Black Ops 4: October 12, 2018
  • Black Ops Cold War: November 13, 2020

While Infinity Ward changed things up with the release of Modern Warfare on October 25, 2019, it is more than likely that CoD 2021 will keep to the usual November schedule. 

Call of Duty 2021 developer

Call of Duty WWII screenshot
Activision / Sledgehammer Games
Sledgehammer’s last release was Call of Duty WWII.

So, now that we have an idea of when Call of Duty 2021 could release, who exactly is in charge of developing it? Well, if we take a look at the development cycle of the franchise, we might just get a few clues. 

Firstly, the three main studios developing the core Call of Duty games are Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Sledgehammer Games. Raven Software could be given the reigns, but this is unlikely, especially given they mainly focus on assisting each studio. 

The last four CoD games were developed by the following studios: 

  • Black Ops 4: Treyarch (2018)
  • Modern Warfare: Infinity Ward (2019)
  • Warzone: Infinity Ward / Raven Software (2020)
  • Black Ops Cold War: Treyarch / Raven Software (2020)

Judging from the timeline above, the most obvious candidate for Call of Duty 2021 is Sledgehammer Games. The developers behind CoD WWII have been missing from action since 2017, which would indicate that they have been busy working on the next big release. 

Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software were tasked with releasing the next CoD game in 2020, but disagreements between the two arose, leading Treyarch to take the lead role. Sledgehammer’s title was then developed into Black Ops Cold War.

Quite how much of the project was reworked into Cold War remains to be seen, but it does seem likely that Sledgehammer Games would use this time to begin working on another title. If this wasn’t evident enough, last year, Sledgehammer reportedly hired 150 new staff and stated that they were actively working on multiple projects

Combine this with the fact that Infinity Ward has only just wrapped up development on Modern Warfare and Treyarch is still busy working on content for Black Ops Cold War – and you have a pretty strong case. 

Call of Duty 2021 rumors

Advanced Warfare screenshot
Activision / Sledgehammer Games
Could a prequel to Advanced Warfare be in the works?

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Call of Duty 2021, with many fans speculating that the Sledgehammer could be making another entry in the Advanced Warfare series. However, renowned Call of Duty leaker, Tom Henderson believes that if that is the case, the game will be a prequel. 

“Warzone is going to have a Sledgehammer Games integration,” says Henderson. The whole purpose of Warzone is to convert free-to-play players into paid players by purchasing whichever title is integrated at the time. I just can’t see an EM1 laser rifle being in Warzone, it just doesn’t make sense to me.”

This would be a jarring experience, particularly given Warzone’s arsenal currently utilizes real-world weaponry. Having highly futuristic guns could also upset the current balance of the game as well, an area Activision is constantly aiming to control. 

“Maybe we could see a Call of Duty WWII title, possibly like WWII but maybe a prequel or sequel. It would make a lot more sense for the weapons to be integrated into Warzone. It could be a modern or even a future title, but not set too far into the future where it wouldn’t make sense for the Warzone integration.”

While Henderson’s leaks have been correct in the past, these are just rumors and should be treated lightly. 

Call of Duty 2021 leaks

As for Call of Duty 2021 leaks, there has been no footage, screenshots, or box art showcasing the new title. Of course, you can expect to see the usual photoshopped images, blurry box art, fake emails, and rickrolls that come with every new Call of Duty release. 

Once we have any credible information, we’ll update this section further. 

Make sure you bookmark this feature and check out our Call of Duty hub for all the latest CoD 2021 news.