Nadia “shadowbanned” from Modern Warfare 2 voice chat after popping off on toxic players

Twitch: Nadia

Call of Duty star Nadia has apparently found herself banned from voice chat in Modern Warfare 2 after popping off on toxic players in games of Search and Destroy.

With the release of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, some fans have been trying to throw things back to the original 2009 game by using game chat to trash-talk their opponents and even teammates.

To stop things from getting completely out of hand, however, Activision has introduced a new set of punishments for toxic players. Now, players can receive a ban from in-game voice chat if they’re deemed to be too aggressive and toxic. 

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In the case of Nadia, the popular Call of Duty streamer has had to deal with plenty of toxic players over the last few months, and that’s intensified with the launch of MW2. Though, she’s also fallen victim to the new punishments. 

Nadia hit with MW2 voice chat ban

The streamer, who can usually be found dropping into Warzone, has been dominating the Search and Destroy scene upon the release of MW2 and had her fair share of run-ins with toxic players. 

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One such confrontation went viral on Twitter, as Nadia and an opponent yelled at each other in the post-game scene after he called her a “b*tch” as the game came to an end. 

“I joined late and I still have more kills than you, dumb a*s b*tch!” Nadia screamed at her opponent. She didn’t stop that either, repeatedly reminding her opponent about who had just dominated, calling him “garbage” as well. 

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She’s continued to go at other players in her streams since, but hit a wall late in her November 7 stream. Nadia tried to communicate with her teammates in-game, but couldn’t seem to do so. 

While she tried to adjust her settings, some fans informed her that she may have been struck with a voice chat ban. Nadia dropped into another lobby to test that, and it seemed to be the case.

“No way! That’s so a*s,” the streamer said as some tried to figure out how long she wouldn’t be able to chat. “Yo I did. That’s so a*s. No way.”

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Activision’s blog on the new voice chat bans doesn’t state specifically if players will receive a permanent suspension, but note that they can be muted globally. 

So, we’ll have to wait and see if Nadia is able to chat with her opponents again, or if its lost for good.

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