MW2’s new reporting system will let Infinity Ward mute toxic players’ voice chat

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If you are a Call of Duty veteran, you know how vulgar in-game chat can be. In light of that, Infinity Ward is ramping up its efforts to crack down on toxic behavior in MW2.

In September, Activision announced they banned over 500,000 Call of Duty accounts and forced 300,000 to change their names. The developers also revealed a new Code of Conduct, and every Modern Warfare 2 player has to acknowledge it before proceeding into the game.

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Call of Duty’s new Conduct includes three core values; treating everyone with respect, competing with integrity, and staying vigilant.

Modern Warfare 2 introduces a reporting system for the first time in series history, which should make staying vigilant an easier task.

MW2 adds new systems to combat toxic players

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A reporting system is coming to Modern Warfare 2 later this year.

On November 7, Infinity Ward announced an in-game reporting system and new features to combat toxicity in MW2.

The developers confirmed MW2’s moderation team will be able to mute players globally from all-in-game voice chat and can restrict text chat if they are deemed to engage in offensive behavior.

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MW2’s in-game reporting system lists reasons for reporting a player.

  • Cheating
  • Text Chat- Spam
  • Text Chat- Offensive
  • Voice Chat- Offensive
  • Username- Offensive
  • Clan Tag- Offensive

Infinity Ward stated, “we know that in-game situations are not always one-size-fits-all, so our reporting system now allows players to provide context to their reports.”

No release date was explicitly mentioned, but the developers said we should expect it to be implemented alongside the Warzone 2 launch later this year.

We will update you when we know more about the feature and how it will work in-game.

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