Nadeshot on inspiration behind custom 100 Thieves Nike Air Max 1’s

100 Thieves - YouTube/Twitter

Professional esports organization 100 Thieves have received custom-made Air Force 1 shoes from Nike, and CEO Matt ‘Nadeshot‘ Haag has opened up about the meaning behind the project.

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On August 16, 100 Thieves debuted their brand new custom Nike Air Force 1’s, produced specifically for them by Nike’s Bespoke program.

The iconic sneaker features a red and white color scheme, along with the 100 Thieves logos embroidered on the back of the shoe and the inside of the sole.

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On top of the show, at the very front of the laces, there are also two golden connectors. The left sneaker’s connector reads ‘LDN 19,’ and right one ‘LA 19,’ in commemoration of their professional Call of Duty team’s victories at the CWL events in London and Anaheim.

“Earlier this year, we had the honor of participating in the Nike Bespoke program to create 100 Thieves Air Max 1s,” 100T tweeted. “Exclusive to 21 Mercer, Nike Bespoke is the pinnacle customization program to Nike footwear. Thank you Nike for having us.”

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The sneakers were designed by Nadeshot himself through Nike’s program, and as part of the reveal, he appeared in a video put out by 100 Thieves giving some insight on what inspired him to go through with this project.

If what was written on the connectors didn’t give it away already, the shoes were designed and made in honor of the Call of Duty team, who delivered 100T their first ever two major championship trophies since becoming a fully-fledged esports organization back in early 2018. 

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“They have done a phenomenal job this part year representing 100 Thieves as an organization,” he said. “So we’re going to present them with their own custom Air Max 1.”

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Each pair also included the name of the player who received them, making the shoes that much more personalized.

“I feel like you guys’ story specifically is been so unique to everything that’s been done in esports this past year. You guys were all brought together about a quarter way through the season. Nobody thought you guys were going to win. In a drop of a dime, you guys turned into a championship caliber team.” 

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100 Thieves are currently in bracket play of the $2 million CWL Championship 2019, the final tournament that will decide the kings of this year’s Call of Duty esports season.

If the players received custom Nike Air Force Max 1s for winning mid-season events, one can only imagine what they’ll get from Nadeshot if they manage to win the biggest tournament of the year. 

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