Nadeshot Has Serious Plans for 100 Thieves to “Take Over” in CoD: Black Ops 4 – “I Have Some Players in Mind”

The next Call of Duty World League season could see 100 Thieves storm in as a new force to be reckoned with.

CEO and founder Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag has expressed his desire for the org to feature a standout team during the Black Ops 4 season, even going as far to say that the team could “take over” the competitive scene.

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Recent tweets posted by Nadeshot have invited a flurry of rumors and speculation as to who the future members of the 100 Thieves CoD team could be.

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However, live on his stream on August 1, he shut down those rumors when addressing a question posed by one of his viewers.

“Listen, I have no idea who’s going to join 100 Thieves. I see all these speculative Tweets and posts on Reddit. I’m just going to shut it down right now. […] Guys, I haven’t engaged with any players on any team about Black Ops 4 100 Thieves.”

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Despite these comments, Nadeshot did make it clear that he has high aspirations for 100 Thieves for the upcoming season, and he knows which players would help the org achieve its goals.

“I have been thinking about it. I have some players in mind that I think are absolutely necessary for my plan to have 100 Thieves to sort of take over, or at least be a top two team right off the rip. I’m pretty confident in my ability to go out and get players this offseason. I think a lot of players respect 100 Thieves, which I can really appreciate. […] There’s some players that I want on my team man.”

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The recruitment for the 100 Thieves CoD team will definitely be one of the major storylines to follow in what should be a busy and exciting offseason.

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The org will hope to emulate the success they achieved in League of Legends, when they broke in as the top team in the Spring Split of the NA League Championship Series earlier in 2018.

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