Nadeshot explains why 100 Thieves rivalry with OpTic is so important to him

The rivalry between the OpTic Gaming and 100 Thieves Call of Duty teams doesn’t mean much yet to a lot of competitive CoD fans, but for Matt ‘Nadeshot’ Haag, it means everything.

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The former OpTic Gaming player turned 100 Thieves owner has received plenty of criticism for comments he’s made in the past, including Scump shutting down claims that there’s a rivalry at all.

Nadeshot has now hit out at those who claim he’s hyping it up, releasing a statement on what it means during the 100 Thieves documentary on their win at CWL London.

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100 Thieves went into the tournament as the heavy favorites, but it was OpTic who had the crowd on their side. The two sides met up twice during the tournament, but when it mattered it was Nadeshot’s team who walked away the winners.

“I don’t think you guys could ever understand how happy I was and how great that made me feel,” said Nadeshot after beating OG in the winner bracket final.

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100 Thieves / YouTubeNadeshot lifting the CWL London trophy

However the former professional player did explain earlier in the video how much the rivalry between the two means.

“Everyone wants to say I’m hyping up this rivalry or I’m making a big deal of a match that doesn’t matter, that these teams don’t have any history, whatever the case may be. It’s fine to say those things, but I disagree with them.

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This matchup between OpTic and 100 Theives is incredibly important, it is a rivalry in my mind, it’s my former team. I built the damn team with Hector and Scump for 5 fucking years, ok? For you to tell me how much it’s supposed to mean, is ignorant, it’s stupid, it’s silly. I want to beat OpTic more than any team that exists.”

Timestamp: 5:54 for mobile users:

Nadeshot’s comments are unlikely to go down well with the OpTic faithful, the GreenWall, but it’s possible they have more worrying issues at hand with rumors currently circulating that the organization could be bought by Immortals, with the risk of the iconic brand disappearing altogether.

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Ignoring that speculation for the time being and assuming nothing happens before the end of the season, the next time we’ll see OpTic and 100 Thieves CoD teams match up will be either at CWL Anaheim in June, or the CWL Pro League finals in July.

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