Modern Warfare 2 players blast devs for XP farming “getting out of hand”

mw2 xp farmingActivision Blizzard

MW2 users are blasting Call of Duty developers for the XP farming issues currently plaguing the game’s Infected mode.

Players employ methods of AFK farming in numerous online games where grinding has become a headache above all else.

Some Grand Theft Auto Online users rely on this method of grinding to earn in-game cash and RP. The passive XP-gaining trick was a tool used in the original Call of Duty: Warzone, too.

It’s a facet of the modern multiplayer experience that many have come to begrudgingly accept. In certain cases, though, AFK farming seems to have gotten way out of hand.

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MW2 XP farming is taking the fun out of Infected mode

Reddit user ViperSWE recently found themselves unable to enjoy a game of Infected because most of their fellow Modern Warfare 2 players weren’t actually playing.

“This is getting out of hand,” the user wrote for a video caption whose content showed about half a dozen MW2 players erratically spinning in circles.

Such strange behavior is indicative of a user or, in this case, several users AFK farming to grind for XP boosts without doing the work.

As far as some players are concerned, Modern Warfare 2 developers are partially at fault for the current state of things.

In response to a question about why MW2 fans are XP farming this way, one person said it’s “because people don’t want to grind a battle pass that takes an incredibly tedious amount of time to finish.”

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However, it seems the more pertinent question is why players are grinding this way in Infected mode. Apparently, AFK farming in “DMZ is a much better method of grinding tokens.”

Some Redditors argue that Infected doesn’t require anyone to “babysit” their controller when grinding. Queuing up the game and walking away is ideal, after all. Unfortunately, this means those who actually want to enjoy Infected to the fullest are at a loss.