GTA Online player finally saves up $1 billion after 18,000 hours of playing

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A GTA Online user played the popular multiplayer game for 18,000 hours – just enough time to accrue over $1 billion of in-game currency.

Grand Theft Auto Online rewards cash payouts for many in-game activities. Selling cars, taking on jobs, and participating in premium races serve as but a few examples of easy ways to earn money.

Of course, players can also perform Heists or stick up a number of in-game stores for relatively quick results, too.

But saving earned money isn’t always simple, particularly for players who want to indulge in all the things Los Santos has on offer. Still, someone’s found a way to take advantage of a few quirks and bring in the big bucks.

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GTA Online players accrues $1 billion after two years of playtime

Reddit user jamcar70 recently shared a screenshot of Grand Theft Auto Online, showcasing how they finally saved up $1 billion in-game.

Jamcar70 accomplished this astounding feat after playing the multiplayer title for well over two years, which amounts to approximately 18,000 hours of playtime.

At the time of writing, the above Reddit post has more than 1,000 likes. And many users in the comments can’t help but question how the math worked out for playing one game across 18,000 hours.

In a subsequent response, Jamcar70 explained that his $1 billion earnings in GTA Online came courtesy of “AFK on security cams to max nightclub earn.”

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AFK farming in GTA Online has long been a tactic used to rake in a solid amount of passive income. Evidently, such tactics worked wonders for this particular player.

Still, 18,000 hours over the course of two-plus years is a long time to keep the game running, even in lower power modes.