MW2 players finally uncover secret menu that nobody knew existed

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Modern Warfare 2 players have uncovered a menu featuring Weapon challenges, Operator challenges, and more, and nobody knew it existed.

Modern Warfare 2 fans have had issues with the game UI on multiple occasions, often complaining that the games UI is “the worst in history” highlighting its confusing design. Such a design has clearly had an impact as one player shows off a menu they never knew existed, just under five months after the games release.

Taking to Reddit to express their confusion, one Modern Warfare 2 player questioned if anyone knew that the challenges tab existed in their menu. Soon after, multiple players took to the comments to express their frustrations towards the game’s UI and how they’d never seen the menu before.

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MW2 players question quality of the UI after finding secret menu

Posting the newfound menu to Reddit, the OP shared their confusion regarding the game’s hidden menu, asking “did you know this screen existed” with an image of a challenges tab hidden within the game’s UI. Shortly after posting, players flocked to the comments to share their surprise and frustrations.

One player shared how the menu was “new to me and I’ve put 800+ hours into this game.” Other long-term players missed the menu too highlighting how they’ve “never seen this screen in my couple hundred hours of game time.”

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Others have seen the menu before but rather “stumbled on it by accident” and found themselves wondering “why it’s buried in the start menu…instead of included in the top menu bar like MW19.”

Along with the players who have just discovered this hidden menu came fans who were unhappy with the current state of the UI, with one highlighting that “their UI choices leave a lot to be desired,”

The many fans who have just found this menu have taken to the comments to share their confusion while some provided those fans a way to find the menu for themselves: “When you’re in the lobby, there will be two rows of 3 squares in the top right where your player level is. Click on that. Then click challenges.”

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It’s clear that this menu is pretty well hidden, much to the frustration of MW2 fans, and if that’s only just been found, who knows what else lies within the game’s UI.

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