Modern Warfare’s Highrise coming to CoD: Mobile in Season 8 update

Andy Williams

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Call of Duty: Mobile will welcome the return of an iconic map from the game’s Modern Warfare franchise, as Highrise is set to be added to multiplayer this week.

Call of Duty: Mobile is full to the brim of iconic maps from the years of titles under its belt. And it looks like players can expect to see another added to the rotation, as Modern Warfare 2’ Highrise is primed and ready for release.

As players edge closer to the end of Season 7: Radioactive Agent, they’ll be hoping to cap-off all 50 tiers of the Battle Pass and earn their QQ9 Flood skin ahead of the new season.

Season 7 closes its curtains on July 10, meaning that players only have a limited time to grind that all-important XP to earn those limited-time rewards.

QQ9 Flood in CoD: Mobile.
The QQ9 SMG is an excellent weapon to have in your arsenal in both battle royale and multiplayer.

Highrise coming to CoD: Mobile Season 8

While developers have previously confirmed that Modern Warfare’s iconic map would be making a welcome return to the franchise, no date had been previously released.

Although in a recent press release, Activision committed to a Season 8 release for the fan-favorite map.

While the map will likely be tailored to the mobile experience, the same iconic features will be present — with the flagship helipad marking the midpoint between both office buildings.

Modern Warfare 2's Highrise.
Highrise is one of Call of Duty’s trademark maps.

The exact tweaks that will be made to Highrise are yet to be confirmed, but one thing’s for sure… The map will definitely bring back a sense of nostalgia for long-standing fans of the franchise.

The Call of Duty Endowment Freedom Pack is also coming to CoD: Mobile, with an exclusive ‘Hot and Cold’ camo being made available for the M16 and MW11, alongside skins for the Parachute, Wingsuit and Frag Grenade.

With some big changes in terms of Battle Pass content and now a brand new map, Season 8 is primed to be one of the most enthralling season to-date.