Fortnite players accuse COD Mobile of “copying” POI for new Season 8 map

COD Mobile Fortnite Mega CityActivision / Epic Games

Fortnite fans slammed Call of Duty Mobile after a new map looks very similar to the fan-favorite Fortnite location Mega City.

COD Mobile Season 8 launches on September 6 with all-new weapons, grenades, operators, and modes for fans to enjoy.

The season, titled ‘Error 404’, has also revealed that a new sci-fi-themed multiplayer map is joining the game. It has been called Kurohana Metropolis and features a futuristic downtown setting that boasts bright Japanese-inspired lights reminiscent of Tokyo.

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However, shortly after the map was revealed to fans, Fortnite players noticed its similarities with the fan-favorite POI Mega City, which was added to the Battle Royale game in March 2023.

Fortnite players slam COD Mobile for “copying” Mega City POI

CharlieIntel posted the announcement of Kurohana Metropolis coming to COD Mobile for Season 8 to paired with images of the map, and Fortnite fans soon flooded the comments.

“Activision saw mega city from Fortnite and called it a day.” One said.

“Literally MEGA City.” Another said.

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Despite the comparisons made by the Fortnite community about the map being a copy of the Mega City POI, some seemingly unaware COD Mobile fans have praised the map.

“Looks better than any new map they released for regular cod.” A commentor said.

When comparing both maps, the similarities are obvious as the two maps pull on the same influences of Tokyo’s infamous city nightlife, featuring bright pink and blue lights, with Japanese lettering, and Japan’s infamous Cherry blossom trees throughout.

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COD Mobile Season 8: Error 404 is set to release on September 6 at 5 PM PT.

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