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Modern Warfare player finds unique trick to counter skyscraper snipers

Published: 16/Nov/2019 22:37

by Alan Bernal


A tricky way of getting height advantage in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Ground War has given players a new method for taking out skyscraper snipers.

Modern Warfare players have been at the mercy of snipers on the Ground War map Tavorsk District, since it features towering buildings for people to set up camp.

While it’s entirely within the rules of the game, it can sometimes get a bit suffocating to deal with – especially when everyone opts to fight for control of the tallest building for the best vantage points.

But one player wasn’t going to let a vertical disadvantage count them out of the game, leading them to use Killstreaks for something other than their original purpose.

Infinity WardPlayers are getting more creative on Tavorsk District to get a hand up on Modern Warfare’s snipers.

A Reddit user spotlighted a clip from a game in which a player scouts out a sniper on the building above.

Instead of taking the fight from down below, they instead turned around and lined up their Killstreaks onto the ground below.

After throwing down the first one, they waited for a moment without moving, and threw down a second one in the exact same spot.

When the first drone came in to drop off its ordinance, the second came moments after to drop theirs off too. But it didn’t land on the ground, instead it landed on the first Killstreak’s drone.

Once the player saw that the drone was actually taking the crate up with it, they hopped on it to take a ride up.

While the ride up was a bit sketchy, they were able to recalibrate and scan the top of the SKN Comm skyscraper to find their target.

Not only was the technique incredibly imaginative, it was paired with an impressive shot that took down the rooftop camper with a single hit.

This is definitely one of the most unique kills in Modern Warfare seeing as it took some tinkering with the game’s mechanics to make it happen.

Though, the game’s community should now be on notice since other people will undoubtedly want to try similar tactics to get the upper hand in Modern Warfare.

Call of Duty

Best Krig 6 loadout for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Published: 24/Nov/2020 12:35

by James Busby


The Krig 6 has slowly been creeping into the meta spotlight after the recent FFAR and M16 nerfs, so find out which attachments you should equip to increase this gun’s lethality. 

This deadly assault rifle delivers excellent precision and deals great damage across all ranges, making it one the most viable assault rifles in the current meta. This full-auto AR boasts excellent weapon control and quick reloads, while its methodical fire rate helps minimize recoil and keeps your shots accurate. 

It may not deal as much damage as the game’s AK-74, but its excellent accuracy more than makes up for that. The Krig 6’s minimal recoil also allows it to excel across Black Op’s Cold War’s larger-scale maps and modes. Whether it will be a meta defining gun when it’s added to Warzone remains to be seen, but it’s more than likely that this gun will likely prove to be a popular pick. 

In order to help you get the most out of the Krig 6, we’ve put together a loadout that you can use to crush the competition.

Best Krig 6 loadout

Activision / Treyarch
The Krig 6 barely has any recoil when kitted out with these attachments.

Here are the best attachments you can use on your Krig 6 in Cold War, filling every slot thanks to the Gunfighter wildcard:

  • Millstop Reflex
  • Infantry Compensator 
  • 19.7” Ranger
  • SOF Target Designator
  • Foregrip
  • 40 RND
  • Airborne Elastic Wrap
  • Raider Stock 

By picking the Gunfighter wildcard, you can equip a total of eight attachments which gives you a great deal of flexibility when it comes to building the perfect loadout. The Millstop Reflex provides the Krig 6 with a clean sight that doesn’t clutter the screen, allowing you to easily spot enemies at a distance. 

Combine this with the 60% reveal distance from the SOF Target Designator and you’ll be able to snap onto the most well-hidden foes. After all, visibility remains a big problem in Black Ops Cold War, so having any attachments that help improve this is huge. 

Next up is the Infantry Compensator and Foregrip which diminish horizontal recoil by 27%, which makes the Krig 6 incredibly accurate. In fact, the recoil on this setup is so minimal that it effectively allows you to beam opponents across all distances. 

Bullet Velocity is also incredibly important in Black Ops Cold War and it is often the reason why the hit detection of certain weapons can feel a little off. After all, being able to quickly drop your foe before they can even react is always going to be beneficial, so the 19.7” Ranger is a must. 

KRIG 6 Combat Record stats
Activision / Treyarch
The Krig 6 is steadily climbing up the popularity rankings.

Another top pick is the Airborne Elastic Wrap. This incredible attachment increases the Krig 6’s aim down sight time, gives you 90% Flinch Resistance, and allows you to aim while going prone. ADS speed is just as important in Black Ops Cold War as it was in Modern Warfare, particularly for any AR loadouts that want to be competitive against the game’s SMGs. 

Meanwhile, the added 90% Flinch Resistance also keeps your shots accurate even when you take damage. This will often enable you to counter your attackers with high precision shots. The Raider Stock also increases the AR’s Sprint to Fire time and Aim Walking Speed, giving you a great reactionary playstyle that can quickly melt foes in close-quarter firefights. 

While the 50 RND mag attachment offers a great deal of firepower, its reduction in ADS time makes it less optimal for standard multiplayer. As a result, the 40 RND variant has been used instead. The Krig 6 is capable of melting through multiple foes in a few bullets, so the 40 RND mag is more than enough. 

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