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Modern Warfare player discovers broken wallbang spot on Gun Runner

Published: 5/May/2020 12:13

by Andy Williams


London Royal Ravens pro Call of Duty player Byron ‘Nastie’ Plumridge has found a broken one-way wallbang spot on Gun Runner in Modern Warfare.

While Modern Warfare has been littered with tiny bugs and glitches, they can usually be just brushed under the carpet and forgotten about, since they usually have little to no effect on the outcome of a game.

But for pro players in the Call of Duty League, where one kill can completely change the outcome of a match, a seemingly minor bug can have catastrophic effects on the rest of the match.

Modern Warfare texture glitch.
Modern Warfare has suffered its fair share of glitches in its lifespan.

Royal Ravens substitute, Nastie, discovered an almost one-way wallbang spot on Gun Runner that is perfect to spam when defending the fourth Hardpoint hill.

As shown in the video, a player can spray out from showers and land numerous hitmarkers (but no kill). But if you’re on the other side of the wall and spray into Showers, you can kill your opponent in next to no time — almost as if they were standing right in front of you.

Dallas Empire youngster, Indervir ‘iLLeY’ Dhaliwal, replied to Nastie’s one-way wallbang discovery, actually showing that he utilized this spot in an official CDL match versus OpTic Gaming (albeit accidentally).

After rotating through the Blue Crate near the fourth hill, iLLeY ran into Kenny ‘Kuavo’ Williams, but also managed to take out Jordan ‘JKap’ Kaplan — who was wallbanged through Kuavo and the one-way spot into Showers.

Video segment starts at 21:17 for mobile users.

Replying to Nastie, JKap explained that he was “mindblown” that iLLeY managed to land the shot. In this case, however, it had little to no effect on the end result as Empire crushed OpTic 250 – 175 in the Hardpoint and took the series 3-1.

While there are a plethora of issues on Infinity Ward’s snag list, it’s likely that something affecting Activision’s multi-million dollar franchise league could get pushed to the top of their priorities.

As it stands, Infinity Ward hasn’t clocked the bug on their official Trello board, but it’s worth checking back regularly as the developers frequently update their tracker with what they’re working on.

Call of Duty

CoD Mobile devs explain why Overkill perk hasn’t been added yet

Published: 30/Oct/2020 13:26

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty Mobile devs have shed a little bit more light on why the Overkill perk hasn’t been added just yet despite being teased for a few seasons now.

With each new Call of Duty Mobile season, fans of the game are treated to a whole batch of new content, typically including a new weapon, new map, new skins, and a new character. 

Back in CoD Mobile Season 8, the Overkill perk was supposed to be added alongside Quick Fix and Shrapnel. Though the other two made it in, Overkill was left locked until being removed not too long ago. 

The removal of the perk, which has been a staple in other CoD titles, has had fans questioning whether the devs are getting rid of it entirely, and now, they’ve shed a little more light on what’s happened. 

Overkill perk in the CoD mobile create a class screen
Screenshot via CoD Mobile
Overkill was listed a perk for CoD Mobile but was never available.

Following their October 29 Community Update, where they revealed some additional content for Halloween, as well as going over bug fixes for the current season, the devs were quizzed on plenty of different topics – including Overkill. 

Players asked if it was still in the works and if they had any further info to add, given that players have been waiting quite a while to see it. “No, not yet. Still the same situation as before where we aren’t quite comfortable enough with weapon balance after the introduction of Gunsmith,”  the devs replied. 

Adding on to that, they continued: “We need weapon balance to be damn near perfect before we drop Overkill into the mix since that can have a huge effect on weapon balance as well.”

Given that the power of balancing is in the hands of the devs, there’s no telling as to when the mobile game will be balanced enough for Overkill to be introduced. 

Fans who have been waiting for the perk will be hoping that this day comes sooner rather than later, but, we’ll just have to wait and see.