Modern Warfare July 21 patch notes: Warzone Plunder Quads, playlist update

Albert Petrosyan

[jwplayer br5AuoVJ]

Infinity Ward have released a new update for Modern Warfare that’s added some new modes and playlists in both multiplayer and Warzone battle royale.

Season 4 continues to chug along in Modern Warfare, and the devs have rolled out another playlist update on July 21 to keep multiplayer and Warzone fresh and fun.

For MP, the patch has added the fan-favorite Shoot the Ship playlist, which combines two of the most popular maps in the game – Shoot House and Shipment. There’s also the 3v3 Gunfight – Snipers Only variant that they’ve brought back, along with Cranked and Reinfected Ground War.

In the battle royale, both Warzone Rumble and Plunder Trios have been removed and replaced by Plunder Quads, which is an option alongside the regular Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads playlists.

Infinity WardTest your sharpshooting skills with the new 3v3 Gunfight – Snipers Only playlist in Modern Warfare.

Modern Warfare & Warzone July 21 update patch notes

Today’s playlist update is now live across all platforms!

Modern Warfare

  • Ground War
  • Gunfight 3v3 – Snipers Only
  • Cranked
  • Reinfected Ground War
  • Shoot the Ship


  • Removed Warzone Rumble
  • Removed Plunder Trios
  • Added Plunder Quads

New store bundles

This July 21 update has also added several new cosmetics bundles to the in-game store, including the featured Racing Series: Mach 8 collection. The pack contains red tracer blueprints for the Striker 45 SMG and a handgun, two new vehicle skins, and a horn called ‘Start Your Engines,’ which emits a race countdown sound.

Infinity WardThe Autoclave SMG blueprint in Modern Warfare & Warzone, as part of the new ‘Racing Series: Mach 8’ bundle.
Infinity WardThe Chicane vehicle skin in Modern Warfare & Warzone, as part of the new ‘Racing Series: Mach 8’ bundle.

This is just one of several new bundles that are currently being featured in the shop following the update:

  • Earth Expeditionary Force
  • Racing Series: Mach 8
  • The Professional
  • Rainbow Tactical
  • Soft Spots

What’s next?

Infinity Ward have confirmed that the highly-anticipated Duos Stimulus playlist will make its debut in Warzone this weekend. The Stimulus modes have been positively received by most of the player-base and a lot of people have been looking forward to Duos ever since Stimulus Trios was removed last week.

As for entertainment, fans will be able to get a strong dose of competitive CoD this week, starting with NICKMERCS’ MFAM Gauntlet Duos tournament on Wednesday, July 22, followed by the Call of Duty League’s Toronto Ultra Home Series, starting on July 24.