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Modern Warfare Infected glitch makes players unkillable

Published: 20/May/2020 18:28 Updated: 20/May/2020 18:34

by Daniel Cleary


A glitch has been found in Modern Warfare’s classic Infected game mode which has prevented players from dealing enemies any damage with their melee attacks.

Infected is one of the most popular Modern Warfare playlists for those looking to show off their survival skills and has been a fan-favorite in many of the past Call of Duty titles.

Following the recent May 19 update, which saw the introduction of the Reinfected Ground War playlist, along with some other changes, players have uncovered a glitch which made the opposing survivors almost invincible.

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The fan-favorite Infected playlist in Modern Warfare requires players to survive for as long as possible.

A clip of the bizarre bug was first shared by u/Broncos57 on the Modern Warfare Subreddit, highlighting that they were unable to do any damage with throwing knives or melee attacks to the last player remaining, even at point-blank range.


After chasing down the lone survivor during their Infected match and connecting on a throwing knife, Broncos57 climbed onto the back of the player’s ATV as they were making their escape and continued to dish out punches and knives.

The opposing player seemingly absorbed all of the damage, without so much as a flinch, and one of the throwing knives that was used even passed through the survivor and bounced back off the vehicle, killing the infected player to add insult to injury.

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The survivor managed to drive away from the pack of Infected relatively unharmed and secured the 1v39 clutch victory after the timer ran out.


It is unknown what exactly caused the bug, but some players suggested that it was likely due to the weird interactions that can occur when standing on top of a moving ATV.