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Modern Warfare bug exposes Rust campers’ favorite glitched spot

Published: 21/May/2020 21:05 Updated: 22/May/2020 4:21

by Alan Bernal


Modern Warfare players have noticed a bug on Rust which could explain why so many campers are opting to stay put near the big oil tanker on the east side of the map.

The tight-knit combat of Rust has been an iconic part of the Modern Warfare series. But the latest iteration of the map has a glaring weakness that lets players peer through one of the largest single objects on display.

Getting close to the tanker on the southeast section of the squared battlefield will give players the chance to open up the sightlines by seeing through the oil tank.


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“Bug on Rust that needs exterminating,” user ‘RaZeFX’ said after showing the bug they had found.

This glitch has popped in the game before. Though the issue seems to be giving players with lower graphics settings an advantage, as those with max settings reportedly can’t see through the tank.

Infinity Ward
The glitch opens up a long sight line on Rust, even though you can’t shoot through it.

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Furthermore, RaZeFX explained that his field of view (FOV) was at 110 with everything else being “set to its lowest possible setting, and anti-aliasing is disabled with vsync enabled.”

The player was surprised to find the bug, seeing as it gave them a “clear view” of their opponents as they were walking up to their position.


“I was leaning against [the oil tank] to jump out at two guys I heard approaching and then I saw it lol,” they explained. “It gives you a clear view through it.”

Bug on Rust that needs exterminating from modernwarfare

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There’s a ton of campers on Rust. The unforgiving map forces players to either stay actively moving to stay a step ahead of spawns or nestle and set up camp in a safe corner.

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This bug could explain why more players have been opting to stay on that side of the map, but it’s nothing that a quick Semtex or RPG could fix.


Though RaZeFX sees how this spot could be “quite powerful” if it goes unaddressed by the Infinity Ward developers.

If the glitched Rust spot gets enough traction, however, expect the Modern Warfare devs to patch this out as fast as possible to keep players from abusing it in game.