Modern Warfare 2 player shows off secret locations on every map


A Modern Warfare 2 streamer has hunted down secret spots on nearly every map in the game and is showing players how to take advantage of them.

Modern Warfare 2’s maps are filled with little places where clever players can get a leg up on the competition, and there aren’t many people better at finding them than Varics.

They’re responsible for sharing the Embassy glitch that allows players to dive through a wall and right on through to the other side, but this time we’re focusing on some more easily accessible locations that are hidden throughout the game.

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Modern Warfare 2 TikToker shows off secret hiding spots

Varics’ TikTok page is full of spots like this one that also happens to be on Embassy.

Each video is dedicated to showing off how to reach the place you’re trying to go, and then typically a quick look at how to use it effectively.

This time all it takes is a strafe jump from the top of the tennis court building onto the fence behind it.

From there, players only have to make a short run to get a ridiculously good vantage point over the entire B bombsite area.

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This is particularly good since B is the more popular option of the two, and players are likely to push there multiple times a game, and unless they’ve done their homework, they’re not likely to check this corner.

Some other spots range from nifty but not so useful to downright mindblowing, like climbing onto the kitchen ceiling in Breenbergh Hotel.

Most of these spots will take a bit of practice before you can pull them off consistently, but mastering them could be a game changer.

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