Modern Warfare 2 expert reveals setting change that makes aim assist stronger

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Some Modern Warfare 2 players believe aim assist is too strong, and the New York Subliners TikTok discovered how to make it even more powerful in Ranked Play.

Aim assist has been a controversial topic in MW2 and Warzone 2. The mechanic works by slowing down the user’s aim when looking near a target while using a controller. CoD YouTuber JGOD urged the developers to nerf aim assist because it removes skill from the game.

Infinity Ward’s co-studio head Patrick Kelly admitted the improvements to aim assist have helped controller players but left the average mouse player “at a disadvantage statistically.”

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JGOD doesn’t expect the developers to nerf the mechanic, and the New York Subliners actually unearthed a way to make it stronger in multiplayer.

What are the best FOV settings in Modern Warfare 2?

The New York Subliners claimed players are missing more shots in Modern Warfare 2 than they should by not making a simple setting change.

A FOV slider allows players to adjust their field of view to be more zoomed in or out. A wider FOV makes it easier to spot enemies players may have missed otherwise. In Warzone 2, it makes more sense to have a larger FOV as the environment is bigger. The New York Subliners argued it’s different in multiplayer.

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“When playing Warzone 2, everyone knows your FOV should be set to 120. But did you know this makes aim assist less effective and makes enemies appear a little further away?”

“In Multiplayer, there is a much smaller area of play, meaning you don’t need that super wide FOV.”

The TikToker recommends changing the Modern Warfare 2 FOV to 100 instead “to have an easier time beaming opponents and increase the strength of aim assist.”

Having high FOV makes the image squish more towards the center and pushes the frontal view outwards, making things in front of you appear further away. This plus aim assist appears weaker since the movement is calculated slower.

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A wider FOV makes the aim assist hitbox smaller. Narrowing in makes aim assist stronger and more forgiving.

Try this setting if you are missing too many shots in Modern Warfare 2.

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